3 - Unfamiliar Faces

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Having a secret crush on your best friend is a big secret to hold, mainly because of fear and shame. The amount of judgement he would face would be too much, so it is easier to stay quiet. It isn't like Louis has to tell anyone because he has his secret journal - specifically hidden for no one to see if.
What's more shameful than admitting to your friends that you fancy your childhood best friend?

It's Monday morning, and Louis is getting ready for school. It isn't going to be a special day. School happens 5 days a week, so how special can this day be?
There have been rumours of a new girl starting today but he don't put much thought to it because everyone gossips.
It's exactly that: just a rumour.

The only time of the school day Louis actually enjoy is lunch and when school ends. He get to hang out with my friends and go home to the family. He's a simple person.


The annoying alarm noise is ringing through her ears. It starts to make her angry at the noise so Clem slams the button, trying to shut the alarm off.

Seeing the time, 7:15 am, made her calm down slightly, knowing that she has a decent amount of time to get ready. She needed to look the part if she's going to stand out and get looked at all day.
Ready for her first day of school. At a new school, in a new state.

Clementine happily skips down the stairs, which were recently carpeted, and headed straight for the kitchen. The house was fairly empty, with only the basic furtnite and personal belongings.
The day couldn't start off badly, so eating is the best way to ensure it's going to be a good day.

Lee is in the kitchen all dressed up in his new work uniform.
"Looking fancy dad." Clementine smirks up at her dad, who's looking shocked to see her up so early.

Lee then straightens himself, finally gathering his thoughts. "Oh, yeah. It's my first day so just trying to look the part.." as he starts to mumble off the last few words.

Clem leans in and hugs her dad, which he is thankful for. A simple gesture is able to calm his nerves more than he ever thought. It shows that their father and daughter relationships runs a lot deeper than most.
Clem feels awkward because she doesn't express her emotions a lot.

"I have to be going now so have a good day at school and don't get into too much trouble" Lee says whilst nodding to his adoptive daughter. She gives him a thumbs up and smirk whilst he starts walking out of the door.

Time for breakfast.

Time skip to beginning of school. Clem is trying to find her first lesson and is looking lost in the corridor.

Looking at the confusing school map, Clem starts to look around for the room numbers. The corridors are starting to look the same and only makes things more complex when looking for a specific room.

Stood in a corner trying not to gain too much attention, Clem breathes out heavily in frustration. As she glances up, an older looking guy starts to walk her way, and looking straight at her.

As Clem start to walk away, the young blonde boy reaches out to prevent her from walking on anymore. She swiftly spins on her heel to face the boy, about to confront him for following and being a stalker. As she does so, his facial expression turns to shock and starts to soften at the girl and her sudden defensive behaviour change.

"Hey, you seemed lost so I thought you would want some help? I know you're new and all." The young boy softly speaks to her. He didn't seem rude, which was unusual for high school kids.

Clem recollects herself, realising what just happened. "Oh, right, ok. Actually, some help would be great.. thanks.." Clem manages to get out her words without stuttering from embarrassment. The blonde mullet kid chuckles to himself before introducing himself.

"My name is Marlon, by the way" he says as he finished with a nod.

They started walking together in the same direction that Clem had just come from as she speaks, "My names Clementine but everyone calls me Clem, I guess."

"Well nice to meet you Clementine, even if you were a little jumpy when we just met." Marlon casually says in response.

"Oh yeah. Sorry about that, it's just habit." Clem utters awkwardly.

Marlon turns to her before speaking, "It's fine. We all get like that on our first day of a new experience, ya know?"

Clem just nods and agrees, "Errrr sure..?" Even though it comes out more as a question, she goes along with the boring conversation.

Marlon was able to show Clem to her class, without being late. The bell goes off just as she takes her seat. The mullet boy had offered to come by after class and meet Clem, so she could join him for lunch. He seemed genuine so she agreed.

That could be interesting or a total disaster.

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