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i'm low on gas & you need a jacket (violentine) by zer0eclipse_
i'm low on gas & you need a Lexa
Even though the sky is falling down, don't let me go
  • sadstory
  • clementine
  • violettwdg
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sunflower ➸ clementine imagines by clemisthatbitch
sunflower ➸ clementine imaginesby ✧
❝you're a sunflower, i think your love would be too much.❞ started: 10/21/18 ♡ finished: ?
  • louistwdg
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • violettwdg
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The Caravan (A Violentine Story) by SatansSerpentGays
The Caravan (A Violentine Story)by SatansSerpentGays
When a mystery caravan brings back some familiar faces, the kids at Ericso- I mean, Texas Two have to adapt to their new guests.
  • clementine
  • twdgviolet
  • violettwdg
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Carl Grimes X reader by clouis_is_my_life_
Carl Grimes X readerby clouis_is_my_life_
After losing your parents (Y/N) travels to find a new home with her little brother in this fucked up world but instead she finds Carl Grimes.
  • daryldixon
  • fanfiction
  • daryl
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Violetine/Violentine One-Shots by Essencede
Violetine/Violentine One-Shotsby layne
  • girlxgirl
  • violettwdg
  • gxg
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Apples // Clementine x female reader by DeviantClem
Apples // Clementine x female Deviant.Clem
I grew up with Clementine, one of my first friends. When the dead started walking, Clementine hid me in her tree house. A man named Lee found us and the took care of us...
  • clementinetwdg
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • twdg
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Ericson's Boarding School (Clementine X Reader) by resevoir315
Ericson's Boarding School ( TheGuyG
(Clementine X Reader) Welcome to Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth. After... "it" happened... Most of the teachers at Ericson's Boarding School aba...
  • clementinexreader
  • thewalkingdeadaj
  • wattys2019
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Arrow to My Heart | Violentine [Medieval AU] by Lambogang24
Arrow to My Heart | Violentine [ 💯
[Cover is not mine it's a doodle that belongs to Thederpartist on instagram] When The Delta begin a war, Clementine gets captured only to be rescued from a group of Outl...
  • violettwdg
  • clemxviolet
  • violentine
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TWDG S4 MEMES by LxneWalker
TWDG S4 MEMESby ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱᴅᴏɴᴛʟɪᴇ
Because this hasn't been done before.
  • clementine
  • louistwdg
  • ajtwdg
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Clementine x Louis by xqueenclemsterx
Clementine x Louisby Rich Boy Louis🤑
Clementine has just been introduced to the amazing kids at Ericsons School for troubled youth. Her and AJ will fit in just right. The kids seem to take interest in Clem...
  • twdgs4
  • twd
  • clementinetwd
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A Family (Clem x Lou) by Ceejoid
A Family (Clem x Lou)by Cee 🤠
Clementine thinks all is destroyed when she discovers that she's pregnant. But she soon realizes that this will start something amazing. oHGKAY HI I HATE MYSELF FOR WRI...
  • twdglouis
  • clouislemon
  • clouis
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Carl and Clementine by AndysWalkers
Carl and Clementineby Oxpy
Lots of cringe at first but it gets me.
  • carltine
  • beth
  • carl
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[Duckentine] A Duck x Clementine story by UnusualNoodle
[Duckentine] A Duck x Clementine 🖤 Cole 🖤
I know alot of people don't ship Duckentine, but I came up with a good story, and I think they should kissy kissy, and make Gabe jealous :)
  • twdg
  • cluck
  • clementinetwd
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The Crash// A Clouis Story by spookyyyyyyyy
The Crash// A Clouis Storyby Hotel? Trivago.
Clementine Everett was driving to her first day of her new high school but on her way there she collided into another car.. ~ While hospitalized, she meets a certain dre...
  • aasim
  • clemxlouis
  • teenromance
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The walking dead ; Season 5 by PHYCO_CHILD
The walking dead ; Season 5by PHYCO-CHILD
A continuation of the walking dead game: clouis *characters not mine* *most of the art in the cover is not mine*
  • ảj
  • death
  • violence
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In the pines -TWDG CLUKE- by AverDorito
In the pines -TWDG CLUKE-by oops
When Clementine is rescued by the cabin group, she swears not to get attached. But when dark past secrets are unraveled, she swears not to let them go.
  • clementine
  • thewalkingdead
  • kennytwdg
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In This World by Its_ChickenNugget
In This Worldby Leanna;Nuggy
Clementine has lost Aj to The New Frontier, After being kicked out of The New Frontier she stumbles across the community, Alexandria. She first meets Rick and Carl Grime...
  • carlxclementine
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • carlgrimes
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A Love Worth Fighting For: A Clouis Fanfiction by ClementineMyDarling
A Love Worth Fighting For: A ClementineMyDarling
TWDG The Final Season Fanfic, following the events of Episode 1 "Done Running". Love, deceit, pain (physical and emotional), and death, this fanfiction follows...
  • thewalkingdead
  • clementinetwdg
  • skyboundgames
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Reunited (Hiatus) by 1800-bored
Reunited (Hiatus)by m
Lee opened his eyes and saw the Walker dead on the floor, he then looked at the bite on his wrist "how am I alive??" I put this story on hold because school ha...
  • leetwdg
  • kennytwdg
  • twdg
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The Walking Dead: Destiny (Clouis Edition) by clementine-twd
The Walking Dead: Destiny ( Instagram: clementine.twd
(INTERACTIVE STORY: YOU MAKE THE CHOICES) The Walking Dead: Destiny takes place after the events of The Walking Dead: The Final Season by Telltale Games. Clementine is...
  • zombie
  • violet
  • twdfanfic
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