7 - Many Thanks

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The sudden warmth of Louis's hands makes her freeze, but not from feeling uncomfortable. It's more from the shock of the assault and Louis helping her. That doesn't mean she wants him to remove his hand.

She feels the warmth disappear, not understanding why he removed his hand from hers. It felt nice.

"Sorry.." Louis whispers, whilst passing Clem her bag and remaining books from the floor. He didn't mean to make her freeze up or feel uncomfortable.

"What are you apologising for?" Clementine cocks her head, not quite understanding.

"I-I.. er, you know, touching you. Without you wanting me to" He stutters out. It was all about the respect with the dread head.

'Cute and thoughtful' she thought to herself.

"Oh, I didn't mind it. Thank you anyway, for getting rid of that guy. You basically saved me" She says to him while sliding her remaining books into her bag. She starts to head to her locker before turning to Louis and saying "Are you coming or what?"

This isn't going to ruin their plans.


He quickly rushes to catch up with Clementine, who is now at her locker fixing her books for the next day. She didn't seem too phased by the whole event that just occurred. She was just shoved in a locker for no reason, but still wants to carry out with their plans.

Louis was beyond confused by her calmness. After that whole situation.

At least they are still hanging out even after the borderline assault he just witnessed. But, he would understand if she cancelled on him.

Walking out of school together, Louis leads her to his car. It isn't exactly a brand new model but it did the job.

"Nice ride" she calmly says, whilst placing her hand on the roof and sliding her hand across the paintwork.
Both hop into the car simultaneously, but Louis hesitates when putting the key into the ignition.

He turns to Clem and breathily says "What happened back there with that guy? He shouldn't have pinned you like that." Clem could see the worry on his face. He clearly was effected by what he saw. At least he cares about me.

Clementine shrugs and replies "I bumped into him and made him drop his phone. So he responded by doing that, I guess"
Her attitude says "I don't care" but her on the inside is different. She was still shaken up about the assault, but wasn't going to show Louis that. She can handle things herself.

"But that isn't an excuse to react like that. You could have been seriously hurt Clem". Louis tries to reason with her. Rolling her eyes, she responds by huffing.

"Look Louis, I do appreciate that you defended me and helped with my books but it's okay. I'm not hurt.. too much." she whispers the last part in hopes that he doesn't hear.

"What do you mean? Where does it hurt?!" Louis frantically asks. Without thinking (again) he reaches over to the collar of her shirt and reveals a deep purple and blue mark on the side of her neck.
A bruise.

His eyes widen and sucks in a breathe through his now gritted teeth at what is on Clem's neck. Realising what he had done, she responds by grabbing her collar back and placing her hood on her head - in an effort to hide it.

Too late, Louis already saw it.

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