5 - Infatuation

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Lunchtime was actually nice, mainly because she wasn't alone on the first day of school.
Clem was kind of mad that Marlon ditched her without a reason, and making her think she was stood up but at least he didn't forget about her for too long.

Violet seems nice enough - maybe a little closed off and guarded. Her and Minnie seem very close, with constantly holding hands under the table and subtly flirting.
Maybe not so subtle if Clem managed to figure it out on the first meeting.

Minnie has nice hair, it would make any girl jealous. It was shaved on one side, and longer on the opposite side, with golden hues to it. Clem didn't get to know a lot about her though.

She didn't get the chance to talk much to Mitch or Ruby because they seemed busy. Ruby was polite though. On the other hand, Mitch seemed aggressive at times - more when something doesn't work, like his bomb.

Then there was Louis. They spent the whole lunch break just talking about random things. She learnt that he lives with his family and is close to his grandparents. He also loves to play piano, and wants to be a professional musician.
That's about it.

Thinking to himself for the whole day, Louis made a few realisations.

The rumours were true for once.
There was a rumour that there was a new girl: true.
Another rumour says the new girl is pretty: also true.
Wait what.

Time skip to when Clementine is at home. It's dinner time and there is Lee, AJ and Clem. Carly is at work.


Lee emerges from the kitchen holding one plate in each hand, and balancing the other on his wrist. How talented.
It's a normal dinner time in the Everett household. Talking about the day or whatever.

"So Clementine, how was your first day at a new school?" Lee asks whilst resting his arms onto the table, awaiting an answer.

Clem finished the food that was in her mouth before answering. "It was good. I actually made some friends, if you want to call them that." She shrugs.

"Well that's wonderful Clem. Anyone catch your eye, maybe a boy?" Lee teases Clem innocently.

"Dadddddd!" Clem moans. Even though he was joking and being light hearted, Clem can't help but think back to Louis and his constant jokes.


He finally got home after a long day at school. Clementine seemed more relaxed after conversation got flowing.

He feels his phone vibrate from the back pocket of his ripped jeans, signalling a text.
M is Marlon, L is Louis.

M: hey man, I just got out of training. What a nightmare!

L: hi, why what happened??

M: Coach is wanting us to train more cos of the upcoming match even tho it's weeks away. Anyway how was lunch?

L: damn that's rough. Lunch was decent. Clementine seemed displeased about being forgotten about :/

M: man I didn't mean to! I sent Vi to collect her anyway. So what is she like :)

L: she seems nice lol. Why?

M: no reason. Maybe you finally found someone to suit you?

Louis reads the message a few times, and feels his heart sink into his stomach.

He's the member of the group that has never been interested in dating - or girls. Of course he never told anyone because it's not their business.

But, he's not interested in dating because he's had a long time crush on Marlon. It annoys Louis how Marlon assumes that the new shy girl can just suddenly 'be his'.
She is her own person with her own preferences, which might not include Louis.

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