32 - Prepare for Prom

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I really enjoyed writing this chapter, so I hope you enjoy too.
Warning: some spicy tension.


There was a heavy knock on the front door of Clem's house, which was persistent enough to wake her up from her nice sleep. Checking her phone, she saw that it was 8am on a Saturday.
'What is so important to wake me up so early on a weekend?' She muttered to herself, starting get annoyed at the consistent sound.

Clem forced herself out of the warm bed, grabbing her keys before marching down the stairs and flinging the door open, rather aggressively. Unexpectedly at the door, it was Louis.
Seeing her boyfriend made Clem realise how much of a mess she probably looked. She hadn't even brushed her teeth. Her hair was incredibly disheveled, with her curly hair looking frizzy and hanging half way in her face - even though it was tied up.

"Lou? What are you doing here?" She was sounding unusually husky, since only just waking up.

Louis had his hands behind his back, and didn't bother answering her question. Instead, he answered by pulling the hidden object from behind his back, which was a large bouquet of rainbow-dyed lilies.
She looked between the flowers and the boys face, eyeing him suspiciously.

"What are those for?" She finally asked.

"Well, they're for you," he said while pushing them towards her, "I wanted to ask you to prom, officially, so I thought to get you some flowers. I know its not much but-" He said with a sheepish tone.

Clem suddenly felt giddy at the sweet gesture, like a young child with a pathetic crush. She took the bouquet from his grasp, "Thank you Louis, seriously. But you didn't have to do this."

He rubbed the back of his neck, after she had ahold of the flowers, "It's no big deal, really. There's actually somewhere else I wanted to take you."

"Then you might as well come in, and get comfortable, while I get ready." Clem said to him, moving away from the door, allowing room for him to step in.

She read a small note on the side of the bouquet which read, "be a darling and go to prom with me?"

Louis followed Clem into the kitchen, where she was fixing the flowers into a vase and figuring out where to display them. She settled for the shelf behind the sink, causing her to lean over the kitchen surface, due to her height, before she could balance them there.

While leaning on the solid surface, Clem felt an unexpected heat move behind her. Turning around to investigate, Clem realised it was Louis.
He was stood right in front of her, leaving little space between the two of them. His hands were on each side of her, on the surface that she was just leaning on - which meant she was boxed in by his body. Her petite stature was enclosed against the sink, with nowhere to go.
She felt her face heat up from the close and sudden contact.

"L-Lou?" She managed to choke out, but sounded weaker than she wanted.

Smirking at her nervousness, Louis lowered his head to her neck, causing her to feel his hot breathe on her skin. It caused a chill to go down her spine.

"What's wrong Clementine?" The use of her full name sent goosebumps down her arms.
She was too busy connecting the freckles on his nose and cheeks to understand much of anything. His question interrupted her thoughts - his freckles are like constellations.
Gathering her thoughts, she spoke up to him, "Nothing's wrong. Why would there be?"

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