27 - Face The Truth

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Warning: some strong language in this chapter.


Arriving at the hospital, Louis was escorted by a nurse into a specific ward and he caught a glimpse of the Everett family. Trailing close behind is Mariana and Duck, but they already knew which direction to go in.

Out of nowhere, AJ ran from the corner of ward and into the arms of Mari - anyone would have thought he was on fire with his erratic movements. Mari picked up the little guy, and rested him on her hip while he wailed. She covered his face but surrounding people could hear the rather private conversation.

The entire time, Louis had no idea of Clem's condition or what the details of the accident were.

Randomly, Marlon had appeared behind Louis without his knowledge and forced him to spin around and look at him. Without a second thought, Louis just launched himself into the mullet boys arms as if he gave up all hope in standing. Marlon didn't want to move, in fear that his friend would break - he'd never seen him in such a vulnerable state.
The only words he could mutter to the blonde boy was "I'm sorry.", he sounded like a broken record with how many times he said it.

Duck and Violet had to forcefully pull Louis away to place him on the floor, of a hospital corridor. He couldn't even stand on his own feet. Marlon was just left stood there, watching as his best friend disintegrates right in front of him. He felt absolutely helpless.
Louis's entire world has been shattered in the span of a few hours. Even last week was a sign of the beginning.

"I-I ignored her for over a week, a-and she ends up in hospital. Fuck, this is all my fault. I should never had ignored her, or any of you." Louis was babbling uncontrollably. He was in a trance that couldn't be snapped.

"Louis, nothing from last week matters now. Forget that now." Violet softly speaks. She kneels down, to get on the same level as him. She places a comforting hand on his knee, which forces him to look her in the eyes.
Violet takes that as a sign he's listening, "No one blames you, for anything. This accident would've happened, no matter what you did.."

He became frantic, as if nothing could calm him. "No you don't understand. This wouldn't have happened if I had just come to school. Instead, I was being a little fuckhead and ran from my problems."
Nothing was registered in Louis's head, the stress and overwhelming emotions were in control.

Marlon couldn't take it anymore - he had to intervene and get Louis into a semi-calm state. Clem needs him calm and not a blabbering mess. He revealed himself from his previous spot, kneeled down in front Louis and grabbed ahold of his face - forcing him to look at his blonde best friend.

"Lou, listen to me. That girl in there-" he points to Clem's room, "-has been through so much, in her entire life and the past two weeks. You need to get a grip, and be there for her and her family."

The dread head couldn't say anything, it's like his mouth refused to work. Instead he was opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water. All he could do was look into the piercing blue eyes before him - they were Marlon's blue eyes.

Marlon, still ahold of Louis's face, shook him a little in an attempt to snap his trance. "I don't care that you did, or do, have a crush on me. We have been through thick and thin, man. We're bros, and always will be. But, you need to forget about all that shit and get into that room." He removes his hands from Louis, and points to Clem's family.

Marlon, Duck and Vi stayed back, to give them some space. It was obvious that the shock to Louis had forced him to react in a way that no one could have imagined. In all of the years Louis and Violet has known him, he's never reacted this badly to something.

Lee, Carley and AJ were stood in a family group hug, but there was still one person missing from that circle.
"They need you just as much as you need them." Duck interjected, trying to reiterate the point everyone was trying to make.

And with that, Louis makes his way over to his girlfriend's family and joins the three of them. Together, they all shared a comforting hug and urged Louis towards Clementine's private room.

No more running.
Louis was done running.

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