26 - The Storm

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Some mature themes in the next few chapters, just be warned.


Saturday morning couldn't have arrived fast enough for Louis, but it's finally here. Which means he is going to put the puzzle pieces back together, and fix this mess.

Checking his phone for the first time this morning, there is an unread message from Marlon. All his texts remained one sided, and never given mullet boy a reply since last week.
Unlocking his phone, he scanned the message.
M: hey man, just checking up on you. I wanna talk to you about everything - only when you're ready though. Text me when you want to meet up.

Louis ran a frustrated hand through his dreads, he knew there was no point trying to run any longer. The issues are not going to be solved until he faces them.
He texts back a simple "I'm ready, I'll drop by your house later today."

First stop, was Violet's house. It would be the easiest person to speak to, so why not go there to start with?
Knocking confidently on the front door, Violet was the one to open the door which made his job slightly easier.

Violet's face is just blank, but with a small smile on. "Hey you. I didn't know you were coming over, so soon either." She moved aside so that he could step into the house.

Louis smiled back, glad that she wasn't hostile towards him. He did deserve it after all. "Hey Vi, sorry to turn up unannounced but I have some explaining to do, to certain people - you're the first on that list."

Violet just shook her head at his reason, "You have no explaining, we know why you went radio silent."

She wandered into the living room, adjacent to the door they just walked through. Louis spoke up, "Just because Marlon and Clem found out the truth, without me wanting them to, doesn't mean I should've ignored you all."

Violet just shrugs, and let's the conversation go. Her loud best friend made a choice to visit her, on his own, and she didn't want another argument.

"Want a drink or anything?" She offers, whilst pulling out a beer can from behind the sofa.

Louis lets out a chuckle but declines, "I'll pass on the booze, remember last time?" The thought made him shudder. He continued, "I was actually about to go see Clem and Marlon. You know, fix my relationship and one-of-remaining friendships."

Violet chugs the remaining beer into her mouth, before swallowing then speaking. "On second thought, good idea. Go get your girl!" He hears her shout while walking out of the door.
It was a short visit but put Louis's mind at ease slightly.

Aimlessly driving around, Louis found himself in Clementine's neighbourhood. Since he's already here, he thought he should face the music now rather than later. He'd go to Marlon later in the day.
Parking in her driveway, Louis takes in a deep breathe to calm himself. Once satisfied, he hops out of his car, and heads for the door bell.

There was a slight pause from him ringing the bell, and it beginning to open. However, the person on the other side was not who Louis expected to see. It was an unknown middle aged man, with heavy facial hair and a cap covering his greying hair - similar to Clem's signature baseball hat.

He spoke with a slight southern accent, "Hello, kid. What can I do for you?" Well this is odd.

Louis cleared his throat in an attempt to compose himself. "Err- is Clementine home?"

The older man squints at the dread head, as if to analyse him and his intentions, "Why should I tell you, shit bird?"

The unprovoked hostility was a worry to Louis since he just wanted to talk to his teen girlfriend and not a middle aged man.

Trying to sound polite, but feeling impatient, Louis speaks again "Sorry but can I speak to Clementine? It's urgent. Last time I checked, this was her house and she lived with her parents and brother."

The older guy must not have liked that, as his next response showed that. "Listen vanilla ice, I don't know what you want with my niece, but I ain't telling you shit."

The aggressive quarrel must have been heard by someone else in the house, because Duck randomly emerges to the door, stood next to the older man.

"Dad, calm down. This is Louis, Clem's boyfriend. He was at the beach meet up, the other week." He then turns to Louis to speak to him, "No offence, but what are you doing here Louis?"

Louis was starting to get very confused at the entire situation. In Clem's house was Duck, her childhood friend, and his dad - Kenny.

Louis speaks his reason for coming over, "Something happened last week between me and Clem, and I'm coming over to put things right."

Kenny and Duck glance at each other, with a knowing look. Yet, Louis didn't know what that look said.
Duck chooses to speak, which breaks the glance between him and his dad, "She did tell me what happened but she isn't here at the moment.."

Growing impatient, Louis throws his arms into the air aimlessly, "Then where is she?! Can you tell me so I can speak to her? It's really urgent." He put emphasis on the word 'really'. .

"Wait, no one told you?" Duck and Kenny whisper-shout, in creepy unison, with a shocked tone.

"Told me what?!" He hastily asked, growing frustrated.

"Clementine got into an accident. She's been in hospital since Thursday morning."

It's like the world just stopped, and everything around Louis just shattered.
Everything said after that couldn't be heard by him.

The only thing Louis remembers next was a young girl, similar age to him, had picked up his dropped car key and began driving. He was in the passenger seat of his own car, with this unknown female driving him. Even if it was a kidnapping, Louis was in no state to care about himself.
He doesn't even know how he got into the car, because he definitely didn't walk there. There was no strength in his legs to even hold him up, let alone walk.
Briefly touching his face, he was sure his cheek was damp - he was crying and didn't even realise.

He faintly hears her say her name was 'Mariana' and was related to Gabe. That second name rings a bell, but none of the pieces were connecting in Louis's mind.

All he cared about was his darling Clementine.

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