23 - Home Sweet Home

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AJ has got some friends over from school, and it's Clementine's job to make sure everything is in order. And 'by order', Lee meant to keep the house in one peace, and for no one to get hurt. Willy and Tenn were invited over by Lee, because AJ was starting to feel lonely and he wants the best for his son.

Lee and Carley were out for the evening, at a dinner for his work. Apparently it was formal dress, which made Carley just roll her eyes - she hates formal events and dressing up. Clem wouldn't mind dressing up for a night.

The three boys were sat around the table, in the dining room, with Clem in the kitchen attempting to cook a decent dinner for them all. Trying to cook and talk to her friends on the phone can also be difficult, considering its Louis and Violet. All they do is argue, normally started by Louis saying something and Violet disagreeing.

Clem had a bowl in one hand and in the other is a wooden spoon, mixing the contents of the bowl - which will eventually become dinner. Getting annoyed at the endless bickering, she decides to end it herself. "You two argue more than the three literal kids sat in the dining room. So, take a hint and shut up."

The sudden outburst caused Louis and Violet to silence, obviously hearing what she had said. Louis then makes a flirty retort, "Damn Clem, you sound hot when you're mad."

Clem just ignores him. Aimlessly rolling her eyes, Violet pipes up at the comment, "Louis, that's gross. Say things like that in private, and not when there is her baby brother and mates in the house."

There was now a conversation between Louis and Violet, again, but the third girl had began to tune out and just ignore it.
She focuses on the cooking at hand, wanting to finish it as soon as possible - after all, she has got school work to do too.

Clem begins to pour the now finished mixture into shapes, animals and dinosaurs for the kids. Once complete, she puts the oven tray into the awaiting oven and turns on the countdown. Now, she just needs to wait for them to cook before feeding the three Devils (also known as kids).

"Alright guys, dinner is in the oven. It should be done in 25 minutes." She announced whilst strolling past the dining room, and into the living room.
In unison, AJ, Tennessee and Willy all shout "Thank you Clemmy." Where did that nickname even come from?

Now sitting at a desk, she pulled up a document on the laptop which was covered in aimless words. The group call was still running, which meant the voices were still coming through her speaker on the phone.

Violet said "..alright lads, I'm going. Minnie has just arrived." Just after saying that, her end of the call ends, leaving it just Louis and Clem.
Wanting some privacy, Clementine plugs her headphones into the phone so only she can hear the call.

"So then, Clem. It seems like we are alone again." The flirty undertone has returned. She could hear the smirk on his stupid face.

Wanting to be smart, Clem responded "Well, we aren't actually alone. It's a phone call and I have three kids in the next room, so don't even think about it."

Louis placed his hand over his heart, acting fake hurt, even though no one could see him. "Damn, darling, you are breaking my heart." The pout could now be heard in his voice.

Grinning, Clem retorts "Shut up Lou. I'll come and visit you later today, when my dad gets back."

Now also grinning, Louis whispers in a husky voice down the phone, "I always knew you wanted to get me by myself Clem."

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