24 - Beginning Of The Downfall

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Long chapter ahead.
There are mentions of underage drinking and strong language. Read at your own risk.


Friday evening has finally arrived, which means the small scale meet up is tonight at Louis's house.
She's currently sat alone in her bedroom, fixing up an outfit and doing her makeup. There's not much point in doing a lot with her hair, since she always wears her baseball cap. She brushed it, let her natural curls loosen and then placed her cap back on.

Clem's finally ready, and leaves her house to make the short journey to Louis's. She remembered where it was, since it wasn't long ago that she came here. Knocking firmly, it isn't long before the door swings open to reveal Louis stood in the doorway, in all of his glory.

"Hey Lou. Sorry I'm late, AJ needed help with some homework." Clem smiles and walks through the open door, as he moves to the side to allow her to walk through. His heart always swoons at her saying his nickname.

"Hey Clem. Don't worry about it love. Marlon and Violet are already here." And kisses her cheek when she walks past him. That earns a giggle from the girl, as his dreads touch her cheeks.

Taking off her coat and placing it on a hanger, she asks her boyfriend, "So, where are we getting the party started?"

"We are in basement since it's got my piano, minibar and pool table in it." He replies, nonchalantly.

Clem looks at him, with a dumbfounded look on her face. "Minibar and pool table? What are you waiting for?!". She grabs his unsuspecting hand, and heads for the stairs, leading downwards. Louis was not expecting it, hinted at by his stumble that nearly made him fall over.

Entering the basement for Clem was like entering a sweet shop for a kid. It was decorated in a modern style, with accents of red in some furniture. In the corner was a minibar, which wasn't so mini as it covered the entire back wall. There was a pool table placed in the middle of the room, underneath a chandelier. And, of course, his prideful grand piano sat in the other corner of the room.
On it, there was a C+L and a heart surrounding it, reminding both Louis and Clem of the last time they were here.

Marlon was placed behind the bar, with an apron around him. He slaps his hands together, similar to a clap, before talking with a fake posh accent "Ladies and gent, what can I get for you this evening?"

Louis takes a seat on the minibar, on the opposite side Marlon is on. "I would like a rum and Coke sir." Was Louis's order.

Violet and Clem looked at each other, with a knowing looking before bursting into laughter.
Violet was next to order, "I'll get a white wine."

Louis sniggered "White wine? That's too fancy for you, Vi.' She just gave him 'evil eyes' as a reply.

Clementine moved closer to Louis, with her hand on his leg whilst making random shapes with her finger on the fabric of his jeans. "I'll get a raspberry cider, but keep it in the bottle."

They all just looked at Clem with a questioning look. She shrugged before explaining, "What? It's easier to drink from the bottle. No mess on the carpets either, if you end up too drunk."
They all just simply nodded, understanding her reasoning and not questioning it further.

By now, the 'party' was in full swing. Marlon and Louis were still at the bar, but leaning against it whilst sat down because they couldn't quite hold up their own body weight. They were in conversation, and would burst out into fits of laughter every now and then.
Violet and Clem are playing pool, but not keeping score. It's just an aimless game of hitting the balls to see if they can get them into the holes. Clem didn't even know the rules of pool, but she's having a good time.

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