21 - Piano Room

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History lesson for Clem had just ended and she's scouting around the corridor, the same one where she first met mullet boy. School is over and there's only a few students left behind. Everyone else went home already, except Clem as she was getting help from a teacher.

Currently trying to find her boyfriend, she realised that he's most likely be at home. On the way home, she would easily find him, as he's easily identifiable being a tall attractive boy with dreads, and tan trench coat.
A thought comes to her mind. He will be at the music room. Anywhere with a piano, and you'd likely find Louis there.

Hunting for his house, only a few streets away, Clem finally found it after 10 minutes of looking. She went around the back of the house, and knocked on the side door. An older lady with wrinkles around her eyes and grey hair answered the door.

Holding her books to her chest, guardedly, Clem speaks up first. "Err, hi there. Is Louis home, by any chance?"

The bored expression quickly melted off her face and was replaced by a chirpy smile. She clasps her hand together, and leaned towards Clem like she was going to tell a secret. "So you're the girl dating my grandson." It was more a statement than a question.

Clem readjusts her books before speaking. "If your grandson is Louis, then yes." Her tone of voice was almost scared of the older woman.

"Then I would be correct. Come on in, my lovey." The woman moves away from the door, so Clem could step into the room. She closed the door behind her, before following the assumed grandparent of Louis.

"Lou should be downstairs, in the basement. You know how that boy is with his music." The mystery woman spoke.

Spotting the stairs from across the room, Clementine headed towards them. Whilst traveling downwards, she replied back to the older women, "Thank you! It was nice meeting you."

Upon entering the room, she found Louis sat at the piano, with his rough hands strolling over the keys and playing an unfamiliar tune.
"Hey Louis." Was the line she chose to break the silence.

Turning away from the piano, he lays his eyes on the short girl with baseball cap, that's just entered through the door. "Hey Clem, what brings you to my man cave?" He asks, whilst turning back to play a cheery tune on the ivories.

Clem made her way to the piano bench, and placed herself next to Louis. "No particular reason, just wanted to see you." She says with a smile, showing off her teeth.

Louis, continuing to play his new tune, replies "Well isn't that polite of you.". The tune he was playing is soft and cheery, but has a story behind it. Clem was intrigued about it, and wants to know the song.

"What are you playing?" She questioned.

He starts to speak, to give the girl a reply, "A pia-" but was cut off.

"And don't say a piano." She interrupted before he could say it.

His face turned to a stoke expression. "A song, that I wrote."

Wanting to know more, Clem presses for more information. "Really? What's it called?"

Thinking to himself, Louis says to the awaiting brunette, "I don't know yet.." His tone sounded almost sad, as if he wanted the song to be named already.

There was a slight pause from Louis's response so Clem stands up, and making her way to the other side of the piano room.


Clementine makes her way back over to the piano, and plops back down next to Louis. In her left hand was a small pocket knife. Random.
Reaching over to the front of the piano, Clem carves something into the wood.

Louis pipes up, "I think you've got a future in whittling." He smiles, to no one particular. "I like saying whittling." The simple word gave the dread boy some simple enjoyment.

Glancing up at what Clementine had drawn, Louis couldn't see exactly what the shape was. Confused, he asks "Uhh- Is that- Is that a potato?"

Clementine just smiles, awaiting him to actually see what it was.

Taking a closer look, he realised its not a potato - or any type of food. "Yep, I see, it's a heart. That's super cool." He says whilst grinning from ear to ear. "Really cool" he finishes.

She had carved both of their initials into the wood, and finished off the design with a heart. It was basically graffiti, as she didn't get permission from Louis to do it, but he wasn't reacting badly so she took it as a good sign. Either way, Louis appreciated the simple gesture. The sketch was similar to a tattoo - permanent and had a story behind it.

Breaking the silence, Louis declared "Ya know, I think I know what to call the song."

Clem remains silence, awaiting for him to continue. She gives a small head tilt, showing her interest.

He completes his declaration, "Clementine. You know, because I like fruit." That earns a giggle from the girl sat very close besides him. He felt the vibration of her sweet laugh through the seat and because of the close proximity.

The brunette with baseball cap admitted, "I like you a lot."

The dread head with the trench coat said back, "Well, I like you even more. So, there."

Both shared the same facial expression. It was a cheek-aching smile on their lips, pink tingle on the top of their ears and an unknown emotion in their eyes. They couldn't identify it but anyone else could.

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