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His embrace  by RosesOfHers
His embrace by Emmy
Clementine has been apart of Ericsons for a couple weeks now and she's starting to fit right in. Everything seemed to be going fine before she realises that she has feel...
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Clouis/Louisentine lemons by Coll1n
Clouis/Louisentine lemonsby Coll1n
Just some smut. Hopefully you enjoy 😉 Thumbnail made by clemxlouis-y on tumblr
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  • smuttyfanfic
Light- Clementine/Louis, Clouis, Louisentine by echip99
Light- Clementine/Louis, Clouis, L...by echip99
He could still remember his mother's calming voice when he was young, before he was sent to Ericsons. Awakening from nightmares with a startled cry, she would always be...
  • louis
  • telltale
  • clementine
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home ; a louisentine fic by spaececadet
home ; a louisentine ficby kᴀe
a story in which Clementine and Louis discover their feelings for one another and figure out how to love each other in their apocalyptic wasteland of a home. - (Art on c...
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Home at last.- A Clouis fanfiction.  by RosesOfHers
Home at last.- A Clouis fanfiction...by Emmy
"You know, when I first met you I never once thought that you'd be this important to me."
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A new Dawn (Clementine x Louis) by blessskybound
A new Dawn (Clementine x Louis)by Adrian Kaufmann
The raiders are gone and the kids from Ericson's boarding school are free! But there is still a question at hand, who are the new people outside the kid's territory? Whe...
  • angst
  • lee
  • apocalypse
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violetine and clouis one-shots by Essencede
violetine and clouis one-shotsby layne
some violetine and clouis one-shots :)
  • twdg
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  • clouis
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Clementine & Louis One-shots by xscully
Clementine & Louis One-shotsby Scully
Little stories about our favourite apocalypse couple ;) 💋Rated T for kisses 💚Contains fluff and angst RANKINGS: ✨Number 1 in #clementinetwdg ✨Number 1 in #louistwdg...
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Our Darling Clementine (High School AU) by twdgstuff
Our Darling Clementine (High Schoo...by clemster
Clem was finally booted out of the house into Ericson's Boarding School after her 'troubled' behavior caused the death of her beloved uncle, Lee. Upon arrival she finds...
  • violentine
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  • violetentine
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speechless - clouis short story by noqhhsayshello
speechless - clouis short storyby noah💀
,,and so the boy sat in the corner of his cell - ultimately and utterly traumatised. plot: louis is slowly recovering after his time with the delta. but it's not easy.
  • twdg
  • twdgclementine
  • twdglouis
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I'm bored and decided "Why not make one-shots since I barely see certain characters in them." So yeah that's what I'm planning to do and yes I'll take requests...
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reach me [clouis] by miluri_
reach me [clouis]by miluri_
marlon is dead. clementine is left with the realization that the kids at ericsson's are looking to her for leadership now that he's gone. the responsibility weighs down...
  • louisentine
  • clemis
  • violet
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Pretty Boy|| Twdg Story|| Clouis by babiimadiee07
Pretty Boy|| Twdg Story|| Clouisby babiimadiee07
Louis Syer moved away from his home town in Georgia to Virgina in the fifth grade. When a newgirl came and took his place. Louis's dad job is giving him more work in Ge...
  • louisentine
  • twdlovestory
  • marlon
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~Show me Love~ A Clouis Story by cutelittlebrowngirl
~Show me Love~ A Clouis Storyby journey :)
When Clementine Everett moves from the UK to America, she meets Rich Boy Louis and his gang of friends they all become good friends but then feelings start to show up.
  • twdg
  • louisentine
  • clementine
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The Crash// A Clouis Story by spookyyyyyyyy
The Crash// A Clouis Storyby Hotel? Trivago.
Clementine Everett was driving to her first day of her new high school but on her way there she collided into another car.. ~ While hospitalized, she meets a certain dre...
  • clementinetwdg
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  • violet
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✰ ClemxLouis Oneshots ✰ by darling-clemmy
✰ ClemxLouis Oneshots ✰by chloe
just oneshots/some headcannons of our favorite zombie killing couple. some will be alternate universe, though!
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CLOUIS I TWDG Oneshots by xqueenclemsterx
CLOUIS I TWDG Oneshotsby Rich Boy Louis🤑
*cover by Monicherrie* Oneshots mainly based on Clementine and Louis but sometimes they won't even be in chapters and it'll be completely different characters. There wi...
  • clemxlouis
  • louis
  • twdg
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The heart to my body by A32u32
The heart to my bodyby A32u32
Clementine has hardened since the deaths of her friends. But when a teenage group takes her in, and a boy with a cute smiles tries to charm her. How will she open up to...
  • clouis
  • louisentine
  • love
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A New Beginning  by KingChairlesII
A New Beginning by KingChairlesII
This story takes place after the end of episode 4, Take us back, Clem is alive, but is now crippled by the loss of her leg. Louis and AJ must go on a mission to contact...
  • louisentine
  • twdg
  • clementine
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needy » clouis by adorrhe
needy » clouisby [ GUILTY KISS. ]
love doesn't come out of nowhere, but the feeling of being needed can get you attached to it. 「 modern au 」
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