25 - The Calm

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It's been a week since all that shit went down at Louis's house. Everyone has had time to wrap their head around everything that happened, and to make sense of it. Or try to at least.
However, the friendship group has been torn and has seen better days.

Marlon, Clem and Violet have spoken at school but to call it awkward would be an understatement. Especially with Marlon and Clem, every encounter was incredibly uncomfortable.
Violet has made it very clear that she still despises Marlon, for being untrustworthy.
No one has seen Louis since it happened, but Violet said she's been getting texts off him. Unfortunately for the other two, they don't know what the content of the messages are.

Clementine hopped out of bed, and headed for the kitchen in hopes of getting breakfast. Lee was also there, stood over the stove - the smell of pancakes filling the air. He turned around at hearing a sound, to see his adoptive daughter in the doorway.

"Hey Clementine, want some pancakes?" Her dad offered.

She just shrugs, while steadying herself at the breakfast bar. "Sure. Thanks dad."

Lee eyed his daughter suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at her "Ok, tell me what's wrong." He announced, at the same time as placing the food in front of her.

Clem licked her lips before tucking in, and decided to tell her dad everything from the previous week. Lee just listened to her ranting, knowing her emotions were raw and risen to the surface for the first time.

After she finished her story, Lee sat back in the chair and rubbed his chin - visibly thinking to himself. "I think the boy made a mistake-"

Clem interrupted, snorting to herself, "Yeah, you think?"

Lee ignored her comment and carried on, "-but I don't think your relationship with him was a mistake. He was scared of judgement but obviously has feelings for you. Even a blind man could see that. Clem, you have to remember that he's hurting too - just in a different way."

She knew Lee was telling the truth - he always has a special insight on situations and knows what to say.
Clem stands up and makes her way over to her dad, then hugs him. Pulling away, she then runs up stairs and starts to get ready for school.

The school day has finally begun, but Lee and Clem's conversation was all she could focus on.
Sat next to each other in geography class, Clem slipped a note to the blonde next to her. Reading it, Marlon knew exactly what it was about. It read "Meet me behind the lockers after school. We need to talk."
Talk about Louis and these whole situation, is what she means.

Clementine had been waiting for nearly 10 minutes. She was about to leave, thinking Marlon wasn't going to come but he appeared around the corner looking out of breathe. "I'm sorry I'm late. I had something else to do." He panted, while leaning his hands on his knees for support.

Clem just rolls her eyes, with her hands on her hips. "Whatever, we need to talk about Louis and get some.. Things straightened out."

Marlon agrees and adds, "but don't punch me, Vi already did that last week."

Shocked, Clem asks "Wait, Violet punched you?! Why?"

He just nods, "Yeah, she has a mean fist. Must've said something she didn't like."

Eyeing mullet boy suspiciously, she keeps pressing for answers. "What do you mean? It must have been pretty bad to deserve a punch."

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