2 - Journey Time

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Currently sat on her bed, Clem is surrounded by piles of boxes that are full of her personal belongings. Suitcases with her clothes and boxes of random junk.
Old photo albums, her old track trophies, childhood toys and teddies.

There were a lot of memories that she started to remember whilst packing up her things. Some of them were painful whilst others were nice to remember. She had done a lot of self reflecting while clearing out.

Lee had gotten a new job half way across the country, which resulted in the whole family moving with him. A new job also meant Clem and her brother would go to new schools - which means being the new kid. It does suck because she has friends in Georgia, but a fresh start could be positive for the family.
Clem didn't really mind because she likes travelling and wishes the see more of the world. It wasn't like she had anyone holding her back, no boyfriend or long lasting friendships.

Her phone buzzed and lights up with the name "Duck". She unlocks her phone and reads the text before typing out her reply. All she wanted to do sleep before leaving early tomorrow morning, but she couldn't ignore her friend.

D: hey, are you finished packing yet?

C: hiya, yeah I've just finished now. There's was lots of junk tho haha.

D: I would imagine since you haven't cleared that room out since 2011.

C: lol it's done now. anyway I'm going to go sleep. Early morning tomorrow!

D: okay Clem. Goodnight. Also, don't forget about me when you leave tomorrow :)

Reading the last message made Clem sigh, and knits her brows together. She shrugs off the feeling and runs her hand through her curly hair, whilst flopping backwards into the bed. Clem started to think about her good times with Duck, her childhood friend.

One memory that came to mine was when they visited Hershel's farm and Duck was pretending to drive the tractor. Clem never got the chance to play because Duck ended up running Shawn over, which resulted in them getting kicked off the farm.
Clem chuckled at the memory and remembered that Duck was always clumsy and hyped. That is what he is known for, and why she enjoys his presence.

She closes her eyes and peacefully falls asleep. She quickly falls into a dreamless sleep.
Tomorrow is a chance for a new start, and she's going to take it.


It's a normal day at school, completing the same work and hanging out with the same people. He couldn't complain though, it's not like his life is difficult. Just slightly boring.

It's currently lunch break and Louis is sat around the table with his friends. Everyone is eating, gossiping and chatting away whilst they have the time to, before the next bell goes.
His friendship group is a decent size, but he's closer to some than others. Louis's best friends are Marlon and Violet. They all knew each other for years.

The friendship group includes the twins Sophie and Minnie, Violet, Marlon, Louis and a few others - Ruby, Aasim and Mitch. Some people came and went but they are the core group, that always has each other's backs.

There was Violet, who acts cold and has a hard head to anyone that isn't her friend already. Minnie is friendly and loyal to her friends, but can be mean when needed. Minnie is dating Violet, and everyone thinks they're cute together.

Mitch was the kid that was always in trouble and causes drama between people. He sometimes lashes out, but knows when he's in the wrong. He isn't a bad person, just overly judged.

Then there was Marlon. Louis and Marlon have been best friends since anyone can remember - they always came as a pair. They always pull pranks together, hang out at each other's houses and play video games whenever they have free time. Like two peas in a pod.

They don't have secrets because everyone in the group shared everything. But there was one secret Louis was keeping.
He fancies Marlon, his best friend.

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