31 - Exam Season

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There is a slightly large time skip in this chapter, based a few months in the future.


By now, it's mid May. It's been a couple months since Marlon found out at Louis's secret crush on him, and it's never been mentioned since. It's also been some time since Clem's accident and hospital stay. Things went back to normal.

For the students at Ericson's high school, it's exam season. This means lots of revision and stress levels are high for everyone. But, exam season also means prom not long after. Prom was the main event everyone was buzzing for.

Clementine has no longer got her arm in a sling, meaning she's back to feeling independent. The fractured wrist is fully healed and causes no issues. Her collarbone, however, has healed for the most part, but can get sore from carrying heavy objects for too long.

The entire exam period was stressful for everyone in the friendship group. Marlon and Mitch found the exam pressure especially hard, constantly studying but not taking in any of the information.
Violet and Minnie would constantly be busy with catching up on their weaker subjects, such as geography and English.

Clementine was strangely calm in the situation, and would set a timetable for studying to allow time management. She would take AJ to the park and play random games, which also allowed relaxation time.
Louis would be the one to relieve pressure with his endless jokes and card games. He would also use studying as an excuse for dates with Clem. One day it would be the park, next in the bowling alley or in the local diner.

Louis and Clem were on one of their final study dates, whilst sat in a greasy smelling fast food restaurant. They were sharing a milkshake and fries, and Clem was eating and drinking them separate while Louis would dunk the fries into the milkshake.

"Lou, stop. That's disgusting." She whined, scrunching her nose is disgusted.
Louis didn't say anything, just grinned, and instead popped another milkshake covered fry into his awaiting mouth.

"So, what colour are we wearing to prom? We have to match obviously." He asked his girlfriend.

It was her turn to torment him, "Who said I was going to prom with you?"

That got Louis's attention. As he lifted his head and looked at her, to raise a brow at the girl. "Oh? Who are you going with instead of me then?"

She thought to herself, trying to think of someone. "James, the new guy." Was her answer.

It was Louis's turn to smirk, for the second time. "Nah, he's gay. He told me that he was going with Charlie from biology class."

Clem frowned, knowing her plan had been foiled. Accepting defeat, she rolled her eyes, "Fine, I'll guess you'll do." Which earned a snort from him.

"This relationship feels one sided, Your Majesty." He joked, his tone sounding a fake sad. Clem rolled her eyes while smiling at his goofy behaviour.

Clem let out an unattractive snort before reverting back to the original question, "Our colour should be burgundy, I like it. I bet you would look good in a suit too." And winked at him.

Louis awkwardly coughed, clearing his throat even if he didn't need to. "Err, thanks?" He said while rubbing the back of his neck.

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