11 - Party Plans

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After the argument with her adoptive parents, Clem and AJ ended up at the park Louis took her to. They had stayed there for the rest of the day, until it was starting to get dark. Clem is mad at Lee but wouldn't want him to worry, so she takes AJ back home.

There was some tension within the household after she got home, from the park. Regardless to say, Lee and Carley had a long civil chat that same night - trying to come to an agreement about whether to move back to Georgia or stay in their newly discovered town.

It's been a few days since Clem's outburst to her dad, and she's now back at school for another week. It's the start of the week, but is the last week before spring break.
That means two weeks off from school, to do whatever she wants.

Clementine and Louis have also been talking more, even after she got mad at him for helping her. She realised it was out of line and they speak on text, through Xbox when gaming and at school - in lessons or lunch break.

Sitting in a dull history class, the brunette girl felt herself fading in and out of focus.

Clementine's phone buzzes in her pocket, even if it's the middle of class she's still going to check the text. Checking around the room for the teacher, when the coast is clear, Clem slips her phone out of her pocket. It's a text from AJ, who's also in school sneaking on his phone.

AJ: I'm going around to Tenn's house tonight so I don't need picking up!

C: thanks for letting me know goofball. Who else is going?

AJ: it's me, Tenn and Willy. We are in the same class :)

C: okay, love you kiddo. Stay safe!

It's been a few minutes since she sent her last text, so she puts her phone into her back pocket again, to avoid detection. A few minutes later, there's another vibration coming from her phone. Assuming it's AJ, she unlocks her phone without a second thought and reads the message.

-You have been added to a group chat-

Marlon: Wassup party people. As y'all know, Friday is the last day of this semester so to celebrate, I'm throwing a bonfire party at my house.

Louis: nice idea but what about your parents? I doubt they would let you set the garden on fire.

Marlon: they're out of town for the weekend so don't worry that dread head of yours, Lou.

Violet: bro, we need more details.

Marlon: wE NeED MoRe dEtAIlS. calm yourself Vi. I'll text more specific details later this week.

After reading Marlon's message to the chat, Clem decides to mute it and put her phone away. It would suck if the teacher saw and took it off her - she needs her phone like every other average teen.

Clementine wasn't expecting to be invited to any type of party, since she never got invited from her previous school. The campfire party at Marlon's house is her first teenage party.
It's nice to finally fit in somewhere.

The remaining three days of school went by with no issues.

By now, Louis was wondering how to offer a lift to the party to Clem, without being desperate looking.

L: do you need a lift to Marlon's on Sunday?

C: only if your sure :) I can always get my mum to take me.

L: nah it's all good Clemster. I'm driving that way anyway so I can be your private driver for the night ;) 

C: cannot wait ;) x

L: I'll see you in school tomorrow pretty girl x

C: :) see u tomorrow x

Smiling to herself, the girl couldn't help but think about his cute smile.


It's finally the end of the week, which means everyone is on spring break. Marlon chose to have the party on Sunday evening, starting from 5pm. His parents are out of town and that's how he's able to get a group of mates around for drinks.

Driving to Clem's house, Louis's hands are feeling clammy for unknown reasons. He has hung out with her before, and there's going to be other their mutual friends there.

He pulls on into her drive way, and texts her to let her know that he's outside. A few seconds after sending the text, the short brunette bounces out of the house and skips over to the passenger door of the older vehicle.

Once she's fully in the car, the dread head boy can see her outfit properly. She has a pair of navy ripped skinny jeans, which hugs her legs in all of the right places. For her top half, she has a plain light vanilla coloured sweatshirt on, which has a knitted texture to it - cozy. Her shoes were a black combat style boot, with a slight chunky heel and silver details on the laces.

This is Clementine's outfit, for anyone wants to see it visually

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This is Clementine's outfit, for anyone wants to see it visually.

It seems like the correct time to start conversation, before she starts to think unholy thoughts too. "Hello Clemster, it's Prince Louis at your service. I'll be your private driver this evening." The nickname Clemster was new and she pretends to hate it by rolling her eyes, but still has a small smile tugging on her lips.

She giggles in response, "Surely if you are a prince, you should be the one with a private driver?"

"Maybe so but I'll let you be my queen tonight." He replies whilst smirks, and ends with a wink. It unexpected flirting causes her cheeks and ears to feel hot - she's blushing. Feeling satisfied, Louis puts the car into reserve and drives to Marlon's house.

There is going to be the whole friendship group at the party, as well as Louis's conflicting crushes. His male best friend since childhood and the petite brunette who's still new to the area. This is going to be one hell of a night.

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