BONUS: National Love Day

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I wanted to do some short bonus chapters to this story. Let me know what you think!

Clementine POV

Busting through the door of her bedroom, Louis was all dressed and ready for the day.

"Wake up love! It's national love day." Louis chirped, grabbing the fluffy collar of his trench coat. He didn't bother taking it off at the front door.

"It's called Valentine's Day, you idiot." She retorted back.

Rolling his eyes at the detail, the dread head boy began rooting through her clothes, in an attempt to find something fitting. "Tomato, tamato. Same difference." He spoke back.

Groaning, Clem rolled over in an attempt to block out the obnoxious boy. But, that's why she loves him.
"It's like 6am." She retorted, throwing a pillow his way.

Louis let out a grunt, as the pillow hit him square in the stomach. "It's actually lunchtime, but whatever you say darling. Now, get up because I'm taking you to dinner."

"Maybe some of us are happy with sleeping instead." The girl spoke back, voice muffled by the pillow.

Groaning at her stubbornness, the dread head retorted "But sleeping gets boring too. Now get up Clemster."

Glaring at her boyfriend, she warned him. "I told you not to call me that."

"Yeah, yeah. Now, let's get you ready. We have to be there in an hour." Louis brushed off.

The brunette girl perked up at that. "An hour?!"

"Well yeah, that's what I said." Louis chuckled, enjoying every moment of this.

"Or maybe we could just go out another day, and instead stay in bed all day." Clem smiled, hoping to get her own way. Yet again.

Narrowing his golden eyes, Louis knew what she wants. "Nope. Not happening."

"Why not? Maybe I can persuade you with something.." Clem retorted.

Growing nervous at that, Louis raised a brow. "..Like what?"

"Come over and find out." The older girl murmured.

Giving in to the curiosity, Louis moved over to the girls bed. To which, he was swiftly pulled down onto it and Clem had him pinned beneath her.

"Okay. Maybe dinner can wait." Louis smirked.

"That's what I like to hear." Clem smiled.

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