15 - Think It Through

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It's been a few days since the campfire party, which means the students have been out of school for a few days. Clem had been texting Duck the past few days, and catching up with him. The two were friends since the age of 8 years old, and she hasn't seen him since moving state.
Duck would be visiting in a few weeks time, which means he can meet all of her new friends.

Louis and Violet have not spoken about the boys confession since he told her, his crush on Clem and Marlon. Louis and Marlon have been speaking more than usually too, which doesn't help him trying to figure out his feelings.
Clem and Louis? They have spoken since the awkward party incident, but not as much as they used to. It wasn't exactly anyone's fault that they had distance, it just happened. Just blame it on being busy and ignore the awkward issue that should be spoken about.

Wanting to clear her head, and understand her feelings through an outsider, Clem picks up her phone before making a phone call to Violet. She can be trusted and is honest about important things, such as this.

The ringing tone goes on for a few seconds, but stops just before Clem can hang up. The voice on the other end was Minerva, even though it was Violet's phone. Strange.

"Hey Clementine" the voice of the redhead spoke.

"Err- hey Minnie. Is it possible to speak to Violet? It's kind of urgent." Clem replies, hoping to get the blonde girl on the phone rather than her girlfriend.

"Oh sure. Let me just go get her." Before she could respond, there was shouting from the other end of the line. Clem had to remove the phone from her ear or she would probably have gone deaf.
Clearly Minnie and Vi are together when Clem wants to speak about a private matter.

Hearing the phone be passed over, Violet's voice comes through now. "Sorry about that Clem. What's wrong? Minnie said it was urgent?"

Hoping she was alone, Clem spoke "Yeah, it's about Louis actually. I'm confused about some things and.. don't know what to do, I guess."

Understanding what the brunette was referring to, Violet paused for a second before replying.
"How about you come around now and speak to me? Minnie was just about to leave anyway."
She didn't have much thinking time due to being on call rather than text.

"Oh no, I don't want you to ditch plans for me. It isn't that serious, honestly." Clem insists, not wanting to ruin other people's plans.

"Nonsense! You are the one having trouble in paradise. Come around now or I'll drag you here myself. Ok bye!" And the call ended abruptly.
Guess she's going around to Vi's house, alone, to talk things over.

Time skip to Violet and Clementine at her house, discussing Louis and what happened at the party. Violet understands everything Clem says, as they are her feelings.

"So, what is it about Louis and urgent that go in the same sentence?" Violet asks, starting the conversation since the other girl looked stiff with nerves.

Snapping out of it, Clem speaks "Oh. It's just- we haven't really spoke much since the party and..". She sighs and runs a frustrated hand through her curly hair then placing her baseball cap back on.

Something in Violet's brain clicked the pieces together. "I get it. You're hurt that you two haven't spoke much, since the party. But also since you hinted your feelings to him". Damn she's good.

Violet continued after not getting a reply which only confirmed her thoughts. "Now you don't know what to do. You don't open up often, and the one time you do, he doesn't respond in the most pleasant way."

Clem perks up at that last comment. "He didn't react at all, because he didn't get the chance to." She felt the need to defend Louis, because he wasn't there to do it himself. He didn't respond in a bad way because he didn't get the opportunity to say anything.

Violet begins to think of a plan for Clem and Louis to talk things through, and how they can both figure out their feelings. Louis also needs to figure his sexuality, before he starts to date someone that he isn't fully sure if he likes her.
Before she revealed her idea, Clem wanted to clear up a few things to the girl even though she didn't owe it to her. Violet is her friend though, so she wants to - not because of pressure or giving something in return.

"I did say that I wasn't ready for a relationship but that changed when I met him. So, I guess I did admit to fancying him.." She finishes with a blink after realising that she likes Louis. She said it out loud and made it official. And more real.

Violet is sat, watching the brunette sat across from her, with wide eyes. "Wait, wait, wait!" She exclaims, holding up her arms. "You actually do like him then?" The blonde questions.

Shrugging in defeat, Clem says back "Yeah, I do. I realise that now."

Violet realises that she has to be careful about what she says. Louis wanted his potential questioning sexuality to be a secret, at least until he figured it out himself. He needed to explore himself before telling others - such as family and friends. That means, Clem cannot know but deserves to know that Louis said he likes her too.

"Don't tell Louis this but, he has told me that he likes you too. This was before the party too - maybe a few weeks ago." Clem was stunned at the admission.

Violet chooses to carry om speaking, to ensure her point is across. "I think you should meet up and speak things through. I don't want to be a messenger in other people's lives."


It's been hard not having much contact with Clem the last few days. He has spoken to Marlon a lot, which is nice but doesn't help his spinning head of running emotions. Before getting into any relationship, he needs to decide on his emotions and questioning sexuality.

Suddenly, Louis's phone lights up showing an unexpected text, from the least suspecting person. He was meeting up with some people from his family, and expected a text from them at any time.
Before opening the first message, another vibration signalled a second text coming through.

C: hey, can you meet me tomorrow at the park around 6pm? I wanna talk, it's important x

Holy shit.

Opening the second message, Louis knew something was going to go down soon. He felt his face grow pale and his feet go cold.

V: hey it's Violet. I need to speak to you ASAP. And before you meet with Clem too. Ring me when you get this. It's urgent Louis.

Um. Double um.

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