10 - Coming Out

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That day she hung out with Louis, she had got a text from AJ saying that Lee and carley were arguing. The thing about Clem's family is, they never argue unless it's something serious. AJ texting his sister about arguing parents is another hint that it's unusual.
Time to find out what's going on.

Clementine has just got home from school, and AJ is sat quietly at the dinner table doing work. Carley and Lee are in the kitchen, talking between themselves. It's a tense conversation but their voices are low - not wanting to disturb the peace.

"What are you doing goofball?" Clem asks in a sing song tone, trying to get rid of the tense atmosphere.

"Drawing. And don't call me goofball. I'm too grown up for it." The young boy replies back.

Frowning slightly, she replies back with "but I've always called you goofball. Since the day you were born."

AJ must notice the older sister's sad tone because he then says, "I guess I don't mind goofball for a bit longer." And finishes with a smile.

Suddenly the conversation from the kitchen between the two adults becomes more heated. And not the good kind of heated.

"What do you mean Carley?" The older man questioned.

"I mean that I don't want to move to another state again!" Her mum retorted. The anger in her tone is evident.

"Look love, it isn't one hundred percent that we have to move again. My boss mentioned it over the phone so I'm telling you now so it's not a shock if it does happen." Lee fires back, clearly wanting to calm the situation. He's aware the kids are listening into the conversation.

"Wait, what?!" Two voices say in unison. The voices belong to the two children who were innocently listening to the loud conversation, which now involves them.

Clementine is the one to carry on asking questions, "Why would we be moving state again? Fuck, we only just arrived here three months ago!"

Lee spins his head to look at his daughter at the use of the sudden language, "Clem, watch your swears. I understand your concerns though."

The comment from her dad isn't anything unusual but something just snaps inside Clem's head.
Maybe it's all of the recent stress from school, the assault in the hallway, new friendships.
And Louis.

"Fuck you! You don't understand because you constantly drag us around the country just because your boss says so. I've never been in a place where I feel at home but that changed when I got here so I'm doing everything possible to make sure you don't take that away from me or AJ! Besides, you aren't my real parents so I don't have to follow you aimlessly around the country."
The petite girl finished. She is panting heavily at the sudden outburst, which is only now catching up to her lungs.

Carley and Lee are both stood in the kitchen, stunned, and not saying anything. They both know she's right, so arguing back would just be full of lies.

Spinning on her heel, Clementine goes to the table and grabs AJ's willing hand. "Come on AJ. We are going out for a bit, since we never know when we will dragged away again."
And with that, they are both out of the front door and onto the street.

Before Clementine can think of where to go, she realises that she's ended up somewhere familiar.
The park that her and Louis went a few weeks ago.

The same park that she said he could help her with her issues. The same one where he saw the bruise on her neck, from the attack.
Louis has done nothing but be kind to Clem and she pushes him away for no reason. Only there is a reason, but she hasn't told anyone so it seems like it's for no reason.

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