22 - BBQ on The Beach

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School is finished for the weekend, which everyone is appreciating. In a few hours, Duck, Kenny and Katjaa are coming to visit the Everett household from Florida. Clem and AJ would have preferred to go to Florida but Kenny was much in need of a holiday - so they're visiting instead.
Louis and Clementine have been none stop talking all week, ever since she dropped by his basement music room.

To celebrate the family coming up several states to visit, Lee had organised a event - a barbecue on the beach. It would be Kenny and his family, the Everett family and some close family friends.

Clementine's phone buzzed with a text, expectantly from Duck. They had been in contact a lot over the last few weeks, building their excitement for the plans.
How could they not be excited to see each other after so long? They were childhood best friends.

D: hey clemmy! Who's going to be at the bbq on Saturday?

C: you, me, AJ, ur parents, my parents. That's it I think.

D: is the boyfriend, Louis, coming? ;)

C: not unless you want him there?

D: damn straight. Invite him! I wanna meet him and see what all of the fuss is about :)

C: okay, I'll ask if he wants to come. see you tomorrow!

Swiping to her contacts app, Clem clicks Louis's name and begins to wait for him to answer. The ringing does not last long before his voice comes through.

"Hey darling, what do I owe this pleasure for?" Louis asked, as soon as he answered the call. The new nickname made Clem's heart flutter, darling.

"Hey Louis. My friend, Duck, is coming up from Florida tomorrow and we're throwing a barbecue on the beach. Do you wanna come too? He wants to meet you. Only if you want."

She could hear the happiness in his voice. "Of course Clem. Any friend of yours, is a friend of mine too."

Happy about his enthusiasm, Clem replies the same. "Great. I'll let you know the details when it's all final."

Louis responses one final time before hanging up. "Nice. I'll text you later Clemmy. Don't miss me too much."

Clem could hear the smirk in his voice, which made the corners of her own mouth curl up.
Clem says her own byes. And then the call ends.

The plan was a family barbecue with Duck and his family, the Everett family plus Louis as a plus one.
There would be seating area arranged so that no one would be left out. Everyone was told to dress accordingly, but be prepared for a cold evening - it's March after all.
Everything was planned out perfectly. Carley, Clem's mum, wouldn't let anything go wrong.
She checked and triple checked every detail.

Kenny, Katjaa and Lee were all sharing some drinks around a picnic bench, a little away from where the girl was. In front of them, they all shared freshly cooked burgers, just taken from the grill.

Clementine sees the group of adults, including her parents. They are all chatting and roaring laughter could be heard across the beach.

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