19 - Finally Official

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In one swift motion, Clementine reached over to him and pulled him towards her. He does not fight against him, but instead allows it to happen. It was him that asked, after all.
As if on instinct, they both closed their eyes, and inched closer before meeting in the middle. Their lips touching ever so slightly was enough to send sparks throughout Clementine's body.
Little did she know, Louis also felt them too.

Internal screeching intensifies.

Pulling away from the short kiss, Louis's face was pure shock even though he's the one that asked. His entire face was flushed with heat, he was sure Clem could feel the heat radiating off him too.
Louis and Clementine had the same look in their eyes - passion and love.

Rubbing his hands together nervously, "That was nice. We should, uhh, do it again sometime." And smiles whilst glancing at his own connected hands.

Clem ran her own hand through her slightly messy curls, trying to tame them. "Yeah, maybe we should." She agrees whilst innocently giggling.

"I should probably get you home now. And properly this time." He states whilst rising to his feet. By now, the sun had fully set and the moonlight was the only source of light outside.

"I guess so" Clem agrees. Together, they stroll together, making their way to his car.

And with that, the couple hopped back into the car and headed for her house.

Placing her keys into the door, she turns around one last time to speak before entering. "Thank you for tonight Lou. It means a lot, even if you don't think it."
In one simple gesture, he nods, showing his silent answer to her comment. She's even using nicknames already.

His face turns into an a mixture of uncomfortable and distress, and bobbing his mouth open and closed - similar to a fish out of water.
"Are you okay Louis?" She inquires, concern filling her voice.

Pulled from his trance, he stutters for a reply that is somewhat coherent. "Oh. I'm good. Thanks for tonight- you know, to agreeing to it."

Pursuing his lips slightly, he opens his mouth to carry on speaking. "I was actually wondering..something..?"
Only it came out as more of a question than a statement.

Intrigued, Clem leans forward slightly with perked up ears. "Oh, yeah? What's that Lou?" Her voice laced with an undertone that wasn't quite identifiable to the boy.
It's almost like she knows what's coming.

"I was wondering if you wanted to be.. official? You and me." The poor boys face screamed so many emotions. Clem felt bad for him, but glad that he had so much courage in one night.
Scared of her answer, wanting the ground to swallow him from embarrassment.

That definitely wasn't what Clementine was expecting to hear. "Do you mean, like, have you as my boyfriend?"
Great wording, make him sound like a possession she thought to herself.

Laughing nervously, and rubbing the back of his neck, he replies breathlessly "Uhh, yeah. Exactly like that, actually." Inhaling deeply before continuing, "-only if you want to though. I don't mind if not."

Clementine was stunned at the second unexpected question this evening. Louis was a man full of surprises - not that she didn't mind.

After a moment filled with awkward silence, Clem finally had an answer. Not that she had to think much about it.
"I would love to Louis." And with that, he released a breathe he didn't even know he was holding.
As if on cloud nine, he showed off his signature goofy grin, that revealed his teeth nicely.

Like lightning, Clem grabbed the boys collar with both hands and yanked him towards her. He tensed at first but quickly melted into the sweet kiss, realising what she wanted. It was like another set of fireworks went off in their heads, the second time that night.

Pulling away at the same time, Louis and clementine wore the same giddy look on their faces. They exchanged a quick 'goodbye' and final kiss, before she made her way into the house whilst he got into his car.
For the uncounted time that night, Louis had to sit alone in the drivers seat to regather his thoughts. Once his mind was arranged decently, he pulled out of girlfriend's driveway, heading home.

Clem had seen a new side to Louis - nervous, vulnerable and slightly awkward. He had done so many simple gestures in the night, such as opening doors for her or sending simple smiles once he caught her gaze. She decided that she wouldn't mind seeing more of that side to Louis, as it made him more human.
He wasn't always confident, happy or guarded.

Everyone has secrets and emotions. Even Louis.


The dread headed teen had just arrived home, after a crazy day - filled with nothing but fluffy feelings at the end of it. It was nice for him to experience something so normal - and it's with a teen girl, rather than his male best friend.

Speaking of Marlon, Louis hasn't thought of him the entire date. Mainly because he was with Clementine, and had so many conflicting emotions at times too.

Upon entering his house, a little mass had made it's way over to Louis.
Picking up his baby sister, he placed her in his arms which were resting on his hip for support - even though she was small, she still was getting heavier.

"Hey baby, you cannot scare me when you're too adorable." And bops the girls nose, which gets a high peaked squeal from her.

Wanting to find the rest of the family, the tall teen made him way for the back of the house - the kitchen. The little girl in his arms was now wrestling with the older boys arms, trying to escape from his non-threatening tickles.

"Hey guys." Was his announcement line to the older generation.

Sat around the table included his mum and dad, Nan and granddad. In sync, the grandparents respond by saying "Hello Be-lou-ga.". Awful pun but he puts up with it.

Three generations of family in the house meant there was a lot of noise, and bad name puns. Only Louis's puns could classify as 'semi decent' (in Marlon's exact words).

The older women with thick glasses leans forward in her seat, "Who was that pretty girl you were with earlier?"

Stunned, Louis began questioning her. "How did you know?" No point in denying anything, now that he's been caught.

"I was passing the diner earlier and saw the two of you through the window. Whoever she is, she's pretty. I also want to meet her." His grandma recalled to him.

"Oh. Her name is Clementine Everett and is my girlfriend of about-," He glances at the clock on the kitchen wall, "-15 minutes." He finishes.

The boys mum lets out an excited gasp, that almost sounded painful. "My baby boy is growing up!" And pulls him in for a hug. Louis, holding his sister, was now being held by his mum.

After a minute or two, it ended up being a whole family hug. At least they aren't mad about it.

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