Chapter 11

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“Oh you feel so good” Rachel told him and then like lightning she reversed their positions so that she was straddling him. She lifted herself up and down him tentatively at first a little unsure at what she was doing but when Finn closed his eyes and moaned she knew she must have been doing something right and began to move up and down him faster. 

“Oh yes Rachel ” he moaned “you look so sexy” he told her. 

His hands caressed her aching breasts before he leaned up and took a rosy nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. 

“Oh Finn” she cried out. 

“That sure beats the subway” Quinn told Blaine as they hopped out of the taxi out the front of Rachel's apartment. 

Blaine laughed “Yeah I’ll bet” he agreed, but then again he didn’t think he would like to pay a $50 taxi fair every day though. 

They walked through the front doors and towards the lift without being stopped, the doorman obviously recognising Quinn and nodding to her. 

“I’m so close Rachel” Finn told her as he placed his hands on her hips and helped her ride him. 

“Oh me too, oh god yes, I feel so full” she cried. 

She was bucking against him frantically and Finn thought she had never looked sexier, he could think of a couple of more positions he wanted to try out with her that he thought she would look hot in too. 

“Oh Finn………ah yes, Finn yes” she screamed, arching her head back and allowing her long locks to flow everywhere and her tits to bounce wildly. 

When she came down from her high Finn flipped them back over and began pounding into her again searching for his own release. He stroked in and out of her as fast and hard as he could until his cock tightened and he came hard inside her creamy depths. 

“RACHEL…………ah oh Rachel yes” he cried before slumping against her.

It didn’t take long for the lift to reach Rachel's floor and Quinn was nervous as hell, she was worried that Rachel wasn’t going to forgive her. Her and Rachel had never gone so many days without talking and she wondered what was going through her best friend and lovers mind right at the moment. 

“I hope she’s home” she said to Blaine. 

“She will be” he assured her. 

He pressed the doorbell and they both waited with anticipation. 

Rachel and Finn lay tangled together both trying to catch their breath from their love making. “Hmm that was unexpected” Rachel purred. 

“Not really I find it very hard to keep my hands off you, especially when you strip naked in front of me” he joked. 

Silence drifted in then as Rachel tried to search for the courage to ask Finn what she so desperately wanted to ask him. Finn on the other hand was wondering how he was going to walk away from this goddess in his arms, and if he even wanted too. 

“Finn do you maybe want to see…….” Rachel began to say but she was cut off by the sound of the door bell ringing. 

Wondering who it was she looked at Finn apologetically “Sorry” 

“It’s ok” he sighed. He remained on the bed whilst Rachel got up and threw on her red silk robe wondering what it was she was going to ask him before they were interrupted. 

“I’ll get rid of who ever it is and come back” she grinned. 

“I like that plan” he smiled his cock hard again from watching her naked body moving. 

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