Chapter 30

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Rachel felt so good as she lied in Finn's arms if she had her way she’d never leave but she knew that Finn still had a lot of work to do. 

She sighed as she finally climbed off him, picked up her clothes and started to put them back on. Finn remained on the lounge and watched her every move with a smile. 

Rachel caught him looking at her and blushed “what?” she asked. 

“Nothing just looking” he told her with a small laugh before he sat up and pulled on his boxers and pants. 

“So you remember what we were talking about at lunch?” she brought up then. 

“Um refresh my memory there were a few topics of conversation,” he told her. 

“About your previous job offer” she said. 

“Yeah” he nodded “are you interested?” 

“Were you serious?” she asked. 

“Of course I was,” he told her. 

“We loose millions of dollars of business every year. If I had you on staff we could aim at keeping a fair chunk of that” he told her. 

Rachel nodded “I also have my own clientele” she told him. 

Finn sat back in the lounge then, his shirt undone “are you serious?” he asked her. 

Rachel bit her lip “I resigned today” she told him. 

Finn looked at her completely surprised. He had thought she was pretty happy in her current job. 

“Really?” he said. 

“Yeah I gave notice and I finish up in two weeks” 

“I’m sure that wasn’t well received,” he said. 

Rachel shrugged she didn’t really have much of an idea on what the partners thought at all so far. “I wouldn’t know I just handed my written notice into Tate,” she said. 

Finn smirked “You do realise that on Monday they’ll have you in their office and will use every trick in the book to get you to stay?” 

“They can try but it won’t work. I’ll be very happy to inform them why I’m leaving as well” 

“And that is?” he asked interested to know. They didn’t talk about their work too often. 

“In the past few months they’ve continued to increase my case load with no professional gain for me whilst men that aren’t as accomplished or experienced as me are getting promoted. I’ve worked there three years Finn and I’m not even a junior partner” 

“Its an old school law firm Rachel. I encourage you to speak your mind but at the end of the day it won’t make a difference. They’ll offer you a pay rise and some bullshit excuse about how they just don’t have any openings that suit you at the moment” he knew about that very well because it’s the same way Hudson's had run until he had put his foot down and insisted his father stop conducting business that way. Hudson's still didn’t have a lot of women working for them but they certainly weren’t against the idea of having a woman as a senior partner some day. 

“And what about Hudson's and Associates is that your view as well?” she asked. 

“No definitely not” he assured her. 

“Rachel, I would love for you to come and work for us in fact I’m prepared to offer you an office right now but I think because of our personal relationship it would be best if I speak to my father and a couple of the other senior partners first. If they agree which I’m sure they will then you can come in for a formal meeting where I’ll put our proposal on the table and talk money” he told her. 

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