Chapter 41

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“What are you smiling about?” Isabel asked Blaine as she looked up at him over her magazine. Blaine had just walked in the door and he had the cat that ate the canary look on his face. 

“Well you my love are looking at the newest employer of Systems Go” he grinned back at her. 

Isabel’s eyes widened as the magazine that had her full attention moments before dropped to the floor, all of a sudden Jennifer Anniston’s newest outfit wasn’t so appealing. 

“Oh my god” she squealed. 

The job in question was the closest thing to Blaine's dream job in New York. It was the job he wanted but never thought he would get and she was so happy for him. 

“What happened?” he had only left that morning to have an interview. 

“To tell you the truth I’m still a little unsure” he chuckled. “But I showed up for my interview and I was a nervous wreck until they started asking me all these questions about programming and I just got so caught up. I swear I was rambling on about java code for twenty minutes but something I said in there must have made sense because before I know it they’re shaking my hand and asking me did I want the job” 

“Oh Blaine” Isabel smiled as wrapped her arms around his shoulders “I’m so happy for you, and proud” she told him before planting a kiss on his lips. 

“Lets celebrate” he smiled when they pulled apart. 

“What did you have in mind?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows. 

“Well yeah that” Blaine blushed “but let’s call Rachel, Finn and Quinn and go out to dinner,” he suggested. 

“That sounds like a great idea” she agreed “I’ll go call them now” 

Rachel picked up the phone absently as she read over the notes in the file in front of her. “Rachel Berry” 

“Hi Rachel” Isabel greeted her. 

“Isabel?” she asked. 

“Yep” she smiled “how’s you first day of work going?” 

“Good” Rachel smiled. After her nerves had settled down and her romantic lunch with Finn, Rachel had finally started to feel at home in her new office. All throughout the day people would knock on her door and introduce themselves and Rachel had to admit that she hadn’t met a single person that she hadn’t like yet. Her meeting with Finn had also been very productive. Tomorrow an add would be placed to hire a suitable receptionist for Rachel and Ryan, one of the junior associates who would now be working under Rachel. He was an enthusiastic guy who had a sound knowledge for the law and Rachel knew that with a little guidance he would be a great divorce attorney in no time. 

In no uncertain terms Rachel Berry was excited. 

“I really think I’m going to like it here Isabel” she told her. 

“Good” Isabel smiled. “Not that I ever doubted you would” 

Rachel laughed at that “So what’s up?” she asked. 

“Well Blaine got the job at Systems and we thought it would be nice to go out and celebrate tonight and wondered if you and Finn were busy?” 

“He got it?” Rachel asked. 

“Yep” Isabel responded proudly. Isabel was completely proud and at the same time relieved that Blaine had gotten the job. She hated the idea of him being unemployed, not that it mattered since Blaine had been financially smart and could afford not to work for a little while. Isabel just knew that Blaine was the type of guy who needed to work in the job he loved to be happy and god did she want him to be happy. 

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