Chapter 10

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“Blaine” Quinn called out. 

“Yeah” Blaine replied walking out of the bathroom. 

“I have to go to work or I’m going to be late” she explained. They had come back to her apartment after Rachel wasn’t home. 

“Sure” he smiled “what time will you be home?” he asked her. 

“Five tonight” she replied. 

“Good, hopefully the three of us can get together for dinner” he told her. 

“Sure” Quinn smiled but she wasn’t confident. Something was up with Rachel, she didn’t have sickies or spend entire nights out. For a second Quinn was worried that Rachel might have found someone else but that was stupid. They loved each other, they’d been together for close to five years. 

“Bye” Blaine kissed her on the forehead as she walked out the door. 

He waited half an hour to be sure she hadn’t forgotten anything and was coming back before grabbing his stuff and calling a cab. He just hoped that Rachel had gotten home bye now. 

When Finn and Rachel woke up they were a little shocked to realise it was already two. 

Rachel sighed and sunk further back into Finn's embrace “I guess we should head back to the city” she sighed regretfully. 

Finn kissed her temple “Yeah” 

He wanted to ask her if he would see her again but stopped himself. Did he really have the time to be starting something with her and would she even want to see him again?. 

“I’ve had a really great time” she whispered. 

“Just great?” Finn joked. 

Rachel chuckled “Um no great probably only covers the first time” 

Finn, unable to stop himself from touching her ran a hand over her hip under the cover “I’m glad, and I had a great time too” he told her. 

“better than great actually” he smiled. 

“Good” Rachel grinned, she knew this was the part where she was supposed to get dressed, call a cab and walk out of his life but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. His arms felt so right around her and while she was with him she didn’t have to think about Quinn, or the rest of the world. 

“Let’s get dressed and I’ll take you home” he said quietly. 

Rachel nodded and began to pull away until she felt Finn tug on her arm. Turning around he pulled her to him and kissed her slowly and passionately. “If your good girl I’ll feed you on the way home too” he grinned. 

Rachel smiled then happy that the tension had been broken between them and got off the bed and gathered her clothes to get dressed. 

There was a different door man on when Blaine entered the building again later that day. He signed and took the lift to Rachel's apartment and rang the door bell. 

Isabel had just got home from a shitty morning at the office. She hoped to get more work done there so she was annoyed at the door bell. “Yes” she said when she opened the door. 

Blaine's mouth fell open in shock at the sight of the most gorgeous blonde he had ever seen “Um hi” he said. 

Isabel looked at the man at the door and amusement crept in. He was a very good looking guy in a geeky kind of way and she could tell he hadn’t expected her to answer the door. 

She arched an eyebrow at him waiting for him to say something else “Is Rachel here?” he asked. 

Isabel smiled “No she would be at work right now” she informed him. 

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