Chapter 9

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After finishing off the wonderful breakfast Finn had cooked for them Rachel stood up and began clearing up. 

“What are you doing?” Finn grinned from his chair. 

“You cooked so I’ll clean” she smiled. 

Finn reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her to him before she could walk away “My guests don’t clean” he shook his head amused. 

“It’s the least I can do” Rachel argued. 

Finn wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer “if thanking me for breakfast is what you’re trying to do I can think of some alternatives” he told her. 

“Really?” Rachel smirked. 

“Really” He said huskily. 

Rachel leaned down and initiated the kiss, it was hot and demanding and it left them both panting and aching for more.

“Thank you” Rachel finally said. 

“Welcome” Finn panted back. 

Rachel climbed onto his lap then and their mouths came back together. Finn hands worked at undoing the small buttons on his dress shirt which was covering Rachel up while Rachel's hand explored Finn's naked chest. 

“Is it normal to want sex this much” Rachel moaned as Finn trailed kisses down her throat. 

“With you, yes” he replied. 

He’s such a sweet talker, Rachel thought but her thoughts were soon forgotten as his hands parted the now open shirt and cupped her breasts. She arched her head back and moaned “FINNN” 

“So sexy” he groaned as he leaned down and took a pert nipple into his mouth and sucked on it till it was rock hard. 

Rachel was so hot and wet and she couldn’t take it anymore, reaching down between them she rubbed Finn's cock though the silk of his boxers before unbuttoning the slit and sliding his cock out. 

She was a little nervous at first but when she heard Finn moan her confidence surged and she lowered herself on to him. Finn slid inside her hot pussy easily, she was extremely wet and ready for him. 

“Oh baby” he groaned. 

He couldn’t believe he was fucking this goddess in his kitchen. 

Rachel rode him awkwardly on the chair their mouths fused as their bodies slapped together. 

Breaking back from their kiss “I need more” she pleaded with Finn, her eyes dazed. She couldn’t ride him hard enough on this chair. Grinning Finn picked her up without sliding out of her body and laid her on the kitchen table and began pounding into her. 

“Is this what you need baby” he whispered in her ear. Fucking her in the kitchen was making him hotter for her than he already was, he didn’t know how it was possible but he thought he could fuck her all day if she let him. 

“OH yes” Rachel cried out when Finn hit a sensitive spot inside of her. Realising she liked him circulating his cock in side of her Finn did it again and hit the right spot all over again causing her to cry out again. 

He palmed her breasts as he continued to pound in and out of her, his strokes were hard and deep and Rachel bucked against him eagerly. 

“Oh fuck Rachel I can’t hold on” he groaned, she was contracting around him and it felt so good, too good. 

“Oh god Finn, yes……….ahh” she moaned. 

Feeling her coming Finn let himself go and cried out her name as he came inside of her hard. 

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