Chapter 26

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“Oh god yes, Blaine, yes” Isabel cried out as she rode the waves of her orgasm before she slumped against his chest exhausted. 

They had been going at it for close to two hours now and they were both completely spent. 

“Wow” Blaine mumbled when he finally got his breath back. 

“Hmm you can say that again,” Isabel purred as she finally lifted her head and rolled off Blaine's body. 

Blaine rolled on to his side and studied the beauty he was lying in bed with. “What are you thinking about?” Isabel asked him. 

Blaine smiled at her and reached out to push some wet hair off her forehead. “Nothing” he lied. He didn’t want to spoil the moment by talking about his departure. It was hard to believe but it had been three weeks since Blaine had arrived in New York and next week he was due back in Boston to start work. 

“I’m exhausted” Isabel yawned and Blaine laughed at her. 

“Let’s get some sleep,” he suggested. 

“Sounds good,” she agreed she realised that she had to get up and go to work the next morning. They settled comfortably together with Blaine spooning her body and Isabel smiled. Maybe Rachel was right after all she thought to herself. 

The next morning Finn and Rachel moved around his bedroom and bathroom preparing for work like two lovers who had done it for years, certainly nothing like a couple who were doing it for the first time. 

After they brushed their teeth Finn stopped Rachel as she made her way past him “come here beautiful” he whispered and kissed her lovingly and passionately. 

When he pulled back Rachel's eyes remained closed and a smile lit up her beautiful face, which was covered with only the slightest amount of make up. He didn’t think that she needed any at all and had told her so when she was putting it on but she insisted that she liked to wear a little too work. 

“Hmm good morning to you too handsome” she replied as she slowly opened her eyes and met his desire filled eyes. He looked extremely yummy today with a dark maroon shirt under a black pinstripe suit and a black tie finished of the ensemble perfectly. 

“I don’t have much downstairs so how about we stop for breakfast on the way to work?” he suggested. 

Rachel smiled “hmm as long as I get some coffee I’ll be happy,” she informed him which caused Finn to laugh. 

“So you’re one of those,” he said. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rachel asked pretending as though his comment had insulted her. 

“One of those people who are intolerable until they get their morning fix” he laughed. 

“Well usually yes but when I’m with you I just cant seem to wipe this stupid grin off my face” she said totally embarrassed. 

Finn looked at her though and smiled a 100 watt smile “good”

Grabbing her hand they made their way downstairs and hopped into Finn's car and sped off towards the city and the real world. 

Puck stared at his computer and re-read the email in front of him for the fifth time before he finally sighed and finally hit the send button. He knew it was either going to be a very bad idea or a very good one, time would tell he thought to himself.

He checked the time and realized he needed to get his butt into gear and off to work so hitting the switch he turned his computer screen off and headed out the front door. 

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