Chapter 50

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“This place is really nice” Quinn commented told Puck as she looked around the expensive restaurant that he had brought her too. 

TJ’s was a seafood restaurant and Finn had recommended it to Puck. It was hard to get a reservation but Finn had called in a favor so here they were. 

“Yeah it is” he smiled. He still could hardly believe that he was finally on a date with Quinn Fabray. He wasn’t sure what had changed her mind but he wasn’t going to complain and hopefully he wouldn’t do anything to screw it up either. 

“So did you guys get the ring?” Quinn asked curiously. 

“Yeah Blaine finally found one that he likes, it cost an arm and a leg but Finn said she’ll love it” 

“She has no idea,” Quinn said. “I heard Rachel ask her if she knows what she’s getting and she said something about a new perfume she wanted” she laughed. 

“I think he got that too” Puck smiled. 

“So what about you girls did you get all your Christmas shopping done?” Puck asked. 

“Yeah thank god. I don’t want to go anywhere near that mall again, especially if its with Rachel and Isabel” 

“Yeah I remember a few trips to the mall with Isabel when we were in high school” Puck smiled knowingly. “Man Finn tells some killer stories about it too” he chuckled. 

“I love shopping but I’ve got nothing on them” 

They placed their order then and enjoyed small talk while they ate. 

“That was the best fish I’ve ever had” Quinn smiled when she pushed aside her plate. 

“Yeah I’ve got to give it to Finn, this is the best seafood platter I’ve ever had” 

“So Finn told you about this place?” Quinn smiled. 

“Yeah” Puck nodded “I don’t date that often so I don’t come to places like this” 

“How come?” Quinn asked. 

Puck thought about her question wanting to giver her an open and honest response. “Just never found the right girl I guess,” he told her. “I dated through college but since then once in a blue moon” 

Quinn was shocked by his confession and she wondered what was so special about her that would be worthy of his attention. 

“What makes me so special?” she decided to ask. 

Puck smiled at her “Everything about you” he said. “You have this enthusiasm for life and even though life’s hit you hard you still get up everyday and your smile it just blows me away” 

Quinn was blushing by the time he was done. “Wow” 

“I really like you Quinn” Puck told her. “I’ll go as slow as you want but I really want to see you again” 

“I’d like that” Quinn smiled. 

Rachel stirred and slowly opened her eyes. 

“Morning beautiful” Finn whispered. 

Rachel shot up in bed and grinned, “It’s Christmas,” she cried, her eyes lighting up with excitement. 

Finn chuckled at his girlfriend. “It certainly is and if you’re a good girl you’ll get some presents today” 

Rachel leant forward and wrapped her arms around her sexy boyfriends neck forcing his mouth down to hers for a kiss. “I’m always a very good girl” she breathed when they pulled apart. 

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