Chapter 18

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Finn thought about how he would like to take her, he could bend her over the desk or have her ride his cock. 

Kitty straddled his lap and pressed her big tits into his face. Finn moved her blouse aside and suckled her tits as his hand slid up her skirt. He found her bare and instantly thrusted a finger inside her a few times. 

Kitty freed his hard cock from his pants and stroked it “Hmm” she purred. 

Finn closed his eyes for a second enjoying the feel of her hand “Hmm Rachel’ he moaned. 

Kitty stopped her stroking when she heard him “Whose Rachel?” she asked angry. 

Finn's eyes snapped open “What?” he asked. 

”You just called me Rachel?” she informed him “who is she?” 

Finn's cock instantly deflated when his sexual haze faded and he saw the blonde in his lap. 

Kitty looked down and gaped. 

Finn pushed her off him roughly then “shut the door on your way out” he told her without another look. 

“W-What?” she stuttered, that had never happened to her before, ever. 

“I said…..” he started. 

“I head you I just cant quite believe you” she cut him off “I thought you were going to fuck me?” 

“I was, now I’m not so interested” he shrugged like it was no big deal. 

Kitty was fuming “I suggest that who ever the fuck this Rachel is that you get her out of your system” she told him. 

“Get out” Finn said through gritted teeth. 

Kitty huffed out of the room barely pulling her clothes back together but Finn didn’t care, he would love to be able to tell Sam to fire her but she was doing a good job and he didn’t have grounds for it. 

Once she was gone he thought about the situation he found himself in. “FUCK” he screamed. What the hell had she done to him, he used to be able to fuck women senseless without second thought and now he couldn’t get her damn face out of his mind, but worse yet out of his heart. 

He was a total goner. 

Blaine was in awe when he followed Rachel into the club on Friday night. Rachel had reluctantly agreed to go back to the club with Isabel and Nick and only for Blaine, he wanted the chance to spend some time with her again and to show her that he was the one she wanted not Nick. 

Little did Rachel know that Isabel didn’t need convincing and she had a plan of her own. 

“Let me get drinks?” Nick smiled happily. 

“The usual” Isabel answered “Beer” Rachel and Blaine chorused. 

Nick nodded “Rachel, why don’t you go help Nick” Isabel suggested receiving a small push from Isabel she wanted some along time with Blaine and if she was going to get it then she needed her best friend to occupy Nick. 

Rachel frowned slightly but agreed because it would give Blaine the time to woo her best friend. 

“You look good tonight, Rachel” Nick surprised her by telling her as they waited at the bar for their drinks. 

“thank you” Rachel smiled, she had a pair of black leather pants and a black tight tank top with no bra underneath, it wasn’t her usual style but Isabel had told her she looked fabulous. 

“Isabel mentioned that you and Quinn had broken up” he said then with a grin. 

“Yeah” Rachel confirmed. 

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