Chapter 24

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Quinn sighed as she looked around her empty apartment. Blaine had left for his date with Isabel and she was at a loss for what to do. She had gotten so used to having Blaine around over the past couple of weeks that she had stopped doing all the normal things she did when she had spare time. She contemplated giving Rachel a call and seeing what she was doing but she decided against it, it was a Sunday night and normally Rachel liked to just veg around at her apartment. 

So she turned on her computer and waited for the Internet to boot up. 

Her eyes popped open when her mail came in, she had almost 30 new mail messages. 

“Wow I guess someone missed me,” she said to herself. 

Quinn had never really been into computers or the Internet until Blaine had bought her a computer for her Christmas the year before. He had showed her how to connect to the Internet and to set up an account and Quinn had never looked back. 

Normally through the week she would spend at least an hour on every night. She had gotten herself addicted to the wonderful world of fan fiction, she had been surprised to find out how many talented people there were out there that wrote wonderful stories about her favorite TV characters. 

Her eyes drifted down then and she noticed her messenger and she looked at it for a while. She didn’t have many contacts only Blaine and Rachel and she didn’t think Rachel would be online since it was unusual for her to log on outside of work hours. Her mind drifted to Noah Puckerman then. She had overheard him telling Blaine the day before that he was on messenger and she had also heard him tell Blaine his username. 

Normally she wouldn’t have thought twice about adding someone she hardly knew to her contact list, especially a male but surprisingly she had enjoyed Puck's Company quite a lot yesterday. Deciding to take the plunge and assuming that he wouldn’t be online she typed in his username and selected add to contact list option and imagine her surprise when seconds later a message popped up on her screen. 

Puckzilla711: Hi? 

Quinn hesitated in replying. She had never expected him to be online but now that he was and she had added him she would have to talk to him. 

Puckzilla711: Quinn is that you?

QueenFabray: Yeah! Hi 

Puck had been surprised when the request came through to allow QueenFabray to add him to her contact list. At first he had no idea who the person was and was going to decline but then he remembered that Quinn's last name was Fabray. 

Puckzilla711: What’s happening? 

He wasn’t sure how she got his messenger details but he was glad, he really liked her but after his conversation with Finn this afternoon he knew he didn’t stand a chance. He had been shocked when Finn had informed him that Quinn was Rachel's ex. She didn’t look like a lesbian but then again Rachel certainly didn’t either. 

He wondered what the story was behind it but all Finn knew or would say was that they had hooked up during high school and had been together ever since. He had also informed him that the break up hadn’t been exactly mutual so Rachel was trying to be sensitive to Quinn's feelings by not telling her about Finn straight away. 

QueenFabray: Not much. Just home alone and it’s a little strange I’ve gotten used to having Blaine around. 

Puckzilla711: is he out with Isabel tonight?

QueenFabray: Yeah! 

Puckzilla711: so do you get online often?

QueenFabray: Um yeah you could say that!

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