Chapter 20

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They were silent as they drove out of Finn's building and onto the busy New York streets "Where did you want to go?" he asked turning to face her.

Rachel was deep in thought, she was totally confused about Finn and what he wanted. One minute he didn't want a relationship with her and the next he was telling her he had feelings for her.

"Um I don't care, somewhere quiet where we can talk" she shrugged.

Finn took the next exit out of the city then and began driving towards his house.

"So who is the blonde?" Rachel finally asks him when they walk into his quiet house and take a seat on the lounge, she felt a little uneasy at first at being back here but she had asked for somewhere quiet.

Finn sighed and sat down on the couch next to her "she is one of the secretaries for one of the associates" he told her.

Rachel looked at him and waited for him to elaborate "and I've had sex with her a few times" he finished.

Rachel frowned "have you, I mean have the two of you" she couldn't quite get out what she wanted to say but Finn knew.

"No" he shook his head "I tried too but I couldn't get you out of my mind" he whispered.

Rachel closed her eyes at his answer, she was surprised at how hurt she was to find out he had been with someone else, even if he hadn't actually been able to go through with it had had wanted to. Yes she liked him but she was starting to suspect that there was a lot more than like under the surface of her feelings.

"Wow I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that" she admitted.

Finn nodded understanding her comment because he felt the exact same way when he had seen her in Nick's arms the night before.

"Her name was Meg" he said out of nowhere, Rachel turned to him surprised but kept her face neutral and it encouraged him to keep going.

"she chased me my whole three years at college but I wouldn't date her" he said. "she was a bit of a party girl and that wasn't what I was looking for back then" he shrugged "senior year though I gave in at a party and we hooked up" he explained. "after that we were together and I found myself falling for her quickly"

"W-What happened?" Rachel asked.

Finn laughed bitterly "One night there was this party at her frat house but I couldn't go because I had made plans with Isabel for the night, we hardly saw each other at this stage because we were going to different schools so I wouldn't cancel"

"she cheated on you didn't she?" Rachel sighed.

Finn nodded "and that isn't even the worst part, she cheated on me with my best friend and he got her pregnant"

"Oh god" Rachel said closing her eyes, no wonder Finn had commitment and relationship issues.

"but my best friend wasn't interested in being a dad so Meg thought she could just pass the baby off as mine" he said angrily.

"obviously you found out?" she said.

Finn nodded "she wanted to get married, she thought I'd take care of her and her baby and she wouldn't have to worry but she didn't realise that my father was rich and powerful, there was no way he was going to allow me to do anything until we got a paternity test"

"Oh no, is that how you found out?" Rachel said sympathetically reaching out and covering his hand on his leg with her own.

Finn smiled at the gesture "No, she owned up to it" he said "and I never saw her again"

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