Chapter 34

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Rachel groaned the next morning when the alarm clock went off. She felt something warm and hard move against her back and smiled when she remembered that Finn was in bed with her. They hadn’t had a very late night the night before but she was still tired from their activities. After their shower and another hot round of sex, Isabel had come home. Surprisingly to both Finn and Rachel she was in better spirits than they had expected and had gone straight to her room to call Blaine. 

“Morning” Finn whispered huskily his hand reaching up from her waist to cup a breast. 

“Hmm morning to you too” she replied before rolling over and kissing him. 

The kiss quickly turned to something more and soon Rachel found herself pressed against the bed as Finn slipped into her welcoming depths. 

“Yes” he whispered in her ear. 

“Oh god you feel so good” she whispered back as he pumped in and out of her body. 

“You too baby” he replied. 

It didn’t take long till Finn was blowing his load deep inside of Rachel and he smothered her mouth in a passionate kiss as she came around him, in an attempt to drown out her cry. 

“I don’t want to get out of this bed,” Rachel cried when they came down from their high. 

Finn chuckled “I know the feeling” he agreed. He could stay in bed all day with Rachel. “But I have to go to work” he groaned as he rolled off her. 

“I know” she smiled reaching over to push his sweaty hair of his forehead. 

“Why don’t you grab a shower first?” Rachel suggested. 

“You’re not joining me?” he asked. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Isabel is probably up” she told him. 

“Ah” he chuckled “ok I’ll be quick,” he promised. 

Whilst Finn was in the shower Rachel went downstairs to start some coffee and breakfast for them and as she suspected Isabel was already at the table reading the morning paper whilst she ate her cereal. 

“Morning” she greeted. 

“Morning Rachel” Isabel grinned over the top of her paper. “Blaine said he’ll ring you tonight, he didn’t want to interrupt your night with Finn” she informed her. 

“Oh great” Rachel grinned looking forward to it. 

Ten minutes later she took some coffee, scrambled eggs, fruit and toast up to her bedroom on a tray. 

“What’s this?” Finn asked surprised when he walked out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of crisp gray slacks and a black dressed shirt. 

“Breakfast” she told him licking her lips, but it wasn’t over the breakfast it was over how good Finn looked. 

“Well lets eat before it goes cold” he smiled sitting on the bed and pulling Rachel into his lap. They hand fed each other breakfast until every last bite of it was gone. 

“That was so great” he told Rachel as he suckled on her neck. 

“I’m glad you liked it” she smiled. 

Finn looked at the clock then and sighed, it was already eight o’clock and he needed to head to work. “Go” she whispered “I’ll see you at lunch” 

“Don’t you want a lift?” he asked. 

“No I’ll walk with Isabel, besides I’m starting at nine these days” she told him with a smirk. 

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