Chapter 17

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Rachel worked back that night to get rid of the work that had piled up because of her long lunch, she was extremely surprised when she walked in and found Isabel and Blaine laughing in the lounge room. 

“Hi” she greeted them. 

“Hi” they both smiled. Rachel found it odd to see Isabel so relaxed and carefree around someone she didn’t know, she was wearing sweats and her hair was out it was certainly a far cry from the Malibu Barbie Quinn described. 

“You forgot didn’t you” Blaine laughed then. 

“Um” Rachel said racking her mind for what she forgot. 

“Me, you a chick flick and some ice cream?” he raised his eyes brow and pointed to his overnight bag. 

“I did but it worked out well because now it’s a nice surprise” she smiled “Quinn couldn’t make it?” she asked a little disappointed. 

“Um actually no she was still at work when I left” he said and he was being honest. 

“Well I’ll leave you guys too it” Isabel said standing up. 

“Don’t be silly, join us” Blaine and Rachel both said. 

The looks between Blaine and Isabel didn’t go unnoticed by Rachel and she made a note to talk to them both about it privately. 

The three of them were in the middle of their movie when there was a knock on the door, being closest Rachel got up off the couch and opened the door a little surprised to find Nick standing there. 

“Hi Rachel ” he smiled looking her up and down. He thought she was a gorgeous women and often was sorry that she was gay. 

“Hi come on in” she told him. 

“Is Isabel home?” he asked, he had been calling her for a few days and she hadn’t gotten back to him. 

“Yeah we’re just watching a movie with me and my friend Blaine” Rachel told him. 

The scene Rachel and Nick walked back into though was a bit of a surprise, Isabel and Blaine were caught up in a very heated lip lock. 

“Well I guess I know why she didn’t return my calls” he frowned. It wasn’t like him and Isabel was a couple but he didn’t appreciate being ignored or fobbed off. 

“Oh no Nick it’s not like that they only just met” she assured him “that’s my best friend from school Blaine Anderson” she said. 

Nick turned surprised eyes to Rachel “Oh?” he asked. 

Rachel nodded “yeah” Rachel said. 

Isabel was completely mortified when she broke away from her kiss with Blaine to see Nick standing there talking to Rachel, she didn’t know how the kiss had happened but she had certainly enjoyed it. 

Blaine looked to Isabel confused, the guy standing with Rachel didn’t look too happy. 

“Blaine lets go upstairs” Rachel suggested. 

Blaine frowned but nodded and followed Rachel up to her room. 

“Who’s that?” he asked as soon as they were alone in the room. 

“Nick, a friend of Isabel’s” Rachel replied. 

“boyfriend?” he asked. 

“No not exactly” she told him. 

Blaine nodded seemingly happy with the answer. Rachel smiled at him then “So how the hell did that happen?” she asked. 

Blaine smiled “I don’t know we were just watching the movie and she leaned in and so did I” he smirked “guess my moves have improved a little” 

“They sure have, I think she likes you” she told him. 

“yeah?” Blaine asked happily. “Well then you’ve got to help me then?” 

“of course” Rachel assured him. 

“So” Nick said standing awkwardly as Rachel and Blaine left the room. 

“Wow I’m sorry you saw that, I don’t really know how it happened” Isabel bit her lip. 

“It’s cool” Nick shrugged, the guy was a geek he didn’t have anything on him. 

“Listen Nick I know I should have called it’s just…….” Isabel started, how did you break up with someone you were never really seeing. 

“It’s cool” Nick smiled. “and I’ll forgive you for everything if you let me take you out?” he offered. 

“Nick” she sighed. 

“Look I’ve got tickets to the club Friday night why don’t you bring your friends?” he suggested. 

And idea came to mind then, maybe Rachel could take care of her problem with Nick, she thought. 

“Ok” she agreed. 

Finn was beyond frustrated, it had been four days since his lunch with Rachel and he was aching for her. But he was also stubborn, it wasn’t like Rachel was the only woman who could take care of his needs he reminded himself. 

One of his colleagues secretaries knocked on the door and brought him in a cup of coffee then. Kitty, he smiled. Sam had hired Kitty a few months earlier, he was a married man that wanted to have an affair with his secretary unfortunately for him Kitty had higher aspirations and had made it her business to sleep with Finn when she had started work. 

Finn hadn’t minded at all, she had started bringing him coffee of a morning in short skirts and white see through blouses with no bra, he knew the shirt was for him only because she wore her jacket throughout the day. Finn assumed she was sleeping with Sam too but he didn’t care. 

Finn hadn’t been able to help himself and had had her a few times in his office, he had been ignoring her lately though and apparently she had decided she’s had enough. Her skirt was shorter, her heels higher and today half her buttons were undone. 

Maybe she was exactly what he needed to get is mind off a certain brunette, a buxom blonde. 

“Good morning Mr Hudson” she flirted bending over him and giving him a very nice view of her bare breasts. 

“Good morning Kitty” Finn replied adjusting his hard cock in his pants. 

Kitty saw him fixing his package and licked her lips, she would love to snag a man like Finn Hudson and she had thought she was close after he had fucked her a few times but lately he seemed to have lost interest so she had upped the tempo a bit today and was glad to see that it was working.

“Can I do anything else for you?” she asked seductively. 

“You can lock the door” Finn replied. 

Kitty turned and quickly made her way to the door and locked it quickly, smiling while her back was turned and inwardly high fiving herself. 

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