Chapter 38

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Quinn rolled over and listened as the answering machine picked up her latest call. The phone had rung four or five times already that night, twice it was Rachel, once Blaine and the other two times the person hadn’t left a message. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone tonight. It still surprised her that she had finally been able to talk to Rachel about what had happened in the past. It had been buried so deeply for so long and she had no idea where it came from. 

Well that wasn’t entirely true. 

Noah Puckerman. 

Ever since he had come into Quinn's life she had been so confused. Deep down she knew she was attracted to him and the more she got to know him the more she liked him, he was a sweet guy, someone that she could see herself with. But then there was still that little voice in the back of her head that told her that she couldn’t trust him. That in the end he was just like every other male and he would hurt her in the end. 

Basically her and head and her heart were in conflict and right now she had no idea, which one would win. 

It had helped talking to Rachel. Rachel hadn’t judged her instead she had just cried with her while expressing her sorrow and regret for what had happened to her. Quinn knew that Rachel was blaming herself but as far as Quinn was concerned that was ridiculous. Rachel was six years old at the time and she had no idea that anything was wrong, and Quinn was glad that she didn’t. 

“Hi this is Quinn, leave me a message” she heard her voice say over the machine. 

“Um Quinn hi” the voice said “it’s Puck” he confirmed and Quinn closed her eyes to ward off the desire running through her body to race towards the phone and pick it up. “Listen I want to take you out, no pressure just dinner on Friday night” he said. “Let me know ok” 

The phone went dead then. 

A couple of minutes later the phone rang again and this time it was Rachel again. 

“Quinn I know you’re there and obviously you don’t want to talk to me right now. That’s fine. But here’s what I think. However stupid it might sound I think you should go out with Puck. Not because it might mean something or be the start of something but because you can’t let that scum bag win. Don’t let him stop you from ever finding any happiness with someone.” 

She heard Rachel sigh then and hopped up off the bed and rushed towards the phone. 

“Don’t let him win… that’s all” she whispered. 

“Rachel” Quinn said picking up the phone but by that stage Rachel had already hung up. 

“Is everything alright?” Isabel asked Rachel. She has walked in the room and heard Rachel talking on the phone and she seemed a little upset about something. 

“It’s just Quinn that’s all” Rachel smiled grateful for the distraction that Isabel’s presence would cause. 

“Ok” Isabel nodded deciding not to interfere. Isabel knew that if Rachel wanted to talk to her that she would they just had that kind of friendship. 

“So are you all packed for tomorrow?” Rachel asked. She had to do her best to hide her smile. 

“Yep” she grinned “God I can’t wait Rachel” she admitted, “I’ve missed Blaine so much” 

“Yeah it’s strange he was only here for a month but I miss him too. I would really love to be able to just sit and talk to him right now” 

“I know” Isabel smiled. 

“So do you want me to take you tomorrow?” she asked. Friday was her last day at work and she didn’t intend staying very long after attending the lunch they planned for her. 

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