Chapter 43

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"Hey thanks for coming" Isabel greeted Rachel as she sat down at the table. After her discussion with Blaine the night before Isabel decided that she might as well just talk to Rachel about Blaine living with them straight away.

"Your welcome, it's a nice opportunity for the two of us to just catch up anyway" Rachel smiled as she took a seat. "It feel like ages since we've sat down and had a good conversation," she laughed. Since Blaine and Finn had come into their life they had been spending a lot less time together. It had been a nice surprise when Isabel had rung and asked her to lunch it was also a good excuse for Rachel to avoid Finn.

Rachel wouldn't lie and deny that when Finn hadn't responded back when she had told him she loved him the night before that it hadn't hurt. It hurt like hell and it still did. In hindsight she knew it wasn't the right moment but she had needed him to know.

"So how are things?" Isabel asked.

"Good. I love work so far" she replied vaguely. The last thing Rachel wanted to do was talk to Isabel about what was happening with Finn.

"You sure you don't seem yourself?" Isabel frowned.

Rachel laughed bitterly "Is it that obvious?"

"Are you and Finn fighting?" she asked concerned.

"No" Rachel denied. "Nothing like that"

"Ok" Isabel relented. It was obvious that whatever was going on that Rachel didn't want to talk about it and she could respect that.

"How about you?" Rachel asked wanting to change the subject.

"Great" Isabel smiled "Work is good and its wonderful having Blaine here"

Rachel smiled in genuine happiness for Isabel. "That's great Iz"

"Which brings me to one of the reasons I wanted to have lunch, other than the fact I just wanted to see my best friend"

"Ok" Rachel said.

"Well Blaine mentioned getting his own apartment last night and it got me thinking"

"Uh you want to move out with Blaine" Rachel assumed.

"What! No" Isabel shook her head. "I love our apartment and I definitely don't want to move," she told Rachel. "I also don't want Blaine to leave so I was wondering what you would think about Blaine moving in with us permanently"

"Oh of course" Rachel immediately said.

"So you don't mind?" Isabel asked.

"No. Lets face it I'm hardly there anyway and we have the space," she said. "I like the idea of having Blaine close by" It would be great to live near her best friend again after so long of living apart.

"Thank you so much Rachel," Isabel cried getting up from her seating and moving around to hug her.

"You're welcome" Rachel smiled back "besides doesn't every girl deserve a fairy tale ending" she laughed but deep down she wondered if she would ever be as lucky as Isabel was to find a guy who loved her back.

Across town Finn was just getting ready for lunch and decided to duck his head into Rachel's office and see if she wanted to grab a sandwich with him. He was surprised when he opened the door to find it empty so went outside to ask the receptionist if she knew where Rachel was.

"Do you know where Rachel is?" he asked Sandra.

"She left for lunch a half hour ago Mr. Hudson" she replied.

Finn bit back his frown of confusion "thank you"

He wondered where Rachel had gone and why she hadn't come into see him. She hadn't mentioned anything about meeting anyone for lunch that morning so he could only assume she went to lunch herself. When they had woken up that morning things between them were awkward. Finn wanted to talk about what had happened but it was very clear that Rachel didn't.

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