Chapter 5

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Quinn looked up the apartment building Rachel shared with Isabel and sighed. It was quite a fancy building which had a doorman. She could never imagine living somewhere like this but she knew that Rachel loved it and that with the hours she kept the added security of the doorman appealed to her. 

The doorman let her up since she was on the list and Quinn travelled up the lift until she made it the apartment door. 

Isabel was getting ready to head to Nick's for the night when the door bell rang. Placing her stuff down near the door and answered it. 

“Quinn ” she said surprised. Quinn hardly ever came to the apartment since she didn’t like Isabel. Rachel thought it was best for everyone if she spent time at Quinn's. 

“Hi Isabel, is Rachel home?” she asked. Exchanging pleasantries with Isabel was not high on her to do list right now. 

“Actually no” Isabel replied. Quinn showing up tonight was one of the last things she expected and obviously Rachel had the same thoughts since she didn’t leave a contingency plan. Isabel wasn’t sure if Finn planned on bringing Rachel back here tonight or to his place but she was catering for either option by staying at Nick's that night. 

“Oh” Quinn frowned, it was 7.30 and normally Rachel would be home by now. 

She noticed the overnight bag near Isabel then “Are you going out?” she asked. 

“Yeah” Isabel replied. 

“Do you mind if I wait?” she asked hating that she had to be nice to the fake blonde her girlfriend lived with. 

“Well no not really but Rachel is going to be very late tonight” she told her. It wasn’t a lie after all. 

“Oh” Quinn frowned “did she mention why?” 

“She had a client dinner to attend” Rachel attended those boring things sometimes so Quinn would buy that. 

“Damn” Quinn cursed. 

“Would you mind if I came in and left her a message?” she asked then. 

Isabel stepped aside and let her in, even though Isabel had set Rachel up with Finn she wasn’t going to interfere with her and Quinn in anyway. If Rachel chose to get back with Quinn then it was completely up to her. 

Quinn wrote a short note on a piece of paper telling Rachel that she dropped by that she missed her and asked her to call, promising that this time she would pick the phone up and placed it on the fridge. 

She walked to the door then where Isabel was waiting. “Thanks” she said genuinely she realised that after the way she had treated Isabel that she didn’t have to let her in to leave a message. 

Isabel smiled “Your welcome” 

They rode in the lift together in silence until they reached the bottom level. The doorman offered to hail Isabel a cab and she happily accepted. 

Quinn however turned and walked towards the subway, she hated using it but it was the only way to get to Rachel's without paying a $50 cab fair which she couldn’t afford. 

“Quinn” Isabel called out. 

“Can I drop you?” she asked feeling sorry for the blonde girl, the village was nowhere near Nick's but she just couldn’t stand the idea of Quinn travelling the subway in the dark. 

‘Are you going my way?” she asked. 

“Yep” Isabel lied with a smile. 

“Um ok we can share then” she replied. 

“Ok” Isabel agreed, hell there was no use fighting her on it. 

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