Chapter 46

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“You look good” Rachel smiled at Quinn. 

Quinn was helping Rachel make coffee and tea for everyone. Dinner had gone off with out a hitch. Everyone had a great time and Rachel's food had gone down fantastic. 

“I feel good” Quinn smiled. 

“So the therapy is helping then?” Rachel asked curiously. The last thing she wanted to do was pry into Quinn's life but she wanted to know how her best friend was really doing. They still talked often and Quinn would always hold a special place in Rachel's heart. 

“Yeah it is,” she admitted. “You know I was against it at first. Even when you suggested it I thought you were just trying to push me off to someone else but I realized that you just didn’t know how to help me” 

“What made you change your mind?” Rachel wondered. 

“Puck actually” Quinn blushed. 

Rachel grinned back at her friend, it was so strange to see her blushing over a guy but since Puck had entered her life, Quinn did all sorts of things that surprised Rachel. 

“He helped me realized that its okay to need help, he had his own problems and he told me that therapy really helped him move past it. I see Puck and he seems pretty together to me so I figured something about the therapy must have helped” she shrugged. 

“Well it seems to be helping you and that’s all I care about” Rachel smiled. 

“Thanks” she grinned. “So what’s it like living out of the city?” she asked. 

Quinn had been extremely surprised when Rachel called and told her about her plans to move in with Finn. At first it had kind of stung that Rachel was willing to move for Finn when she wouldn’t for her, but that feeling left as quickly as it arrived and Quinn was left just feeling happy for her best friend. 

“Truthfully I love it” she grinned. “I travel to work with Finn so the commute doesn’t bother me and I love living in a bigger house” 

“It’s really beautiful,” Quinn told her. 

“Isn’t it?” Rachel agreed. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so happy,” Quinn told her. 

Rachel looked at her friend concerned, she didn’t want Quinn to think that she hadn’t been happy when they were together, in truth for the most part she was but being with Finn was different. 

“I was happy with you,” she told her. 

Quinn laughed, “Oh sweetie I’m over all that” she promised. “I know when things between us were good, they were good. But since you’ve met Finn there is just something different about you, a glow of sorts” 

Rachel blushed “Really?” 

“Yeah, I guess it’s just the happiness radiating off you” 

“Well I am happy, deliriously actually” she grinned. 

In fact Rachel was happier inside than anyone realized and she couldn’t wait to share the news with Finn and her friends but for the time being she just wanted to enjoy it. 

“So when are you meeting his parents?” she asked. 

Rachel chuckled “I’ve already met both Christopher and Carol before” It was somewhat of a relief that she didn’t have to go through the whole meet the parent’s thing with Finn. Whilst living with Isabel in college and afterwards in their apartment she had come in to contact with Carol a few times, and had met Christopher when she was discussing working at Hudson and Associates. 
“But we’re having lunch with them on Saturday” she added.

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