Chapter 45

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1 Month Later 

Finn looked at the clock again, he knew he was really cutting it fine but he had to get these documents signed so that Margaret could have them couriered first thing in the morning. 

Tonight the whole gang was getting together over at his and Rachel's house for dinner. Yes, he now considered it their place, and not his place anymore. It was actually an exciting prospect for both Finn and Rachel. It was Rachel's first dinner party and Finn knew she would be furious with him if he was late. 

After Rachel had agreed to move in they had gone home and shared the news with Isabel and Blaine. Although they were disappointed that Rachel was moving out, they were very happy for them and assured them that they could manage fine without her. Rachel moved in the next weekend. Since Finn already had the house furnished, Rachel left her stuff at Isabel and Blaine's apartment and just moved her personal things over. Slowly she was adding her own touch to the house though, which Finn also loved. 

Finn heard movement in his office and assuming it was Margaret he spoke “I’m almost done Margaret, I’ll need you to courier these off in the morning but for now why don’t you head home” he said without looking up. 

When she didn’t answer him Finn looked up. “Kitty?” he asked confused. 

“Hi Finn” she smiled coyly and then strutted into his office. 

“Can I help you with something?” he asked confused at why she was in his office. 

Kitty approached his desk “I was wondering if there was something I could do to help you?” she asked. 

Finn frowned, “No thank you,” but he wasn’t stupid he knew exactly what she was offering to help with. 

Kitty pouted “You’re no fun anymore, Finn” 

Finn sighed, and leaned back in his chair. “What exactly do you want?” 

“You” she said bluntly. 

“Well that’s not going to happen so why don’t you stop wasting both our time” Finn said tiredly before picking up his pen and going back to the documents beside him. 

“You liked it last time Finn, and I’m pretty sure if you stopped over thinking things you would like it again” she continued. 

“I have a girlfriend” Finn revealed. “And believe me the last time wasn’t that good” 

Kitty huffed “You asshole” she spat. “How dare you?” 

Finn looked up and smirked “Easily. I’m the boss around here and if you continue to harass me you’ll find your self unemployed,” he warned her. 

“Like hell!” she yelled. 

“Don’t try me, Kitty” Finn warned again. 

“Its her isn’t it?” she asked angrily. 

“Who?” Finn asked. 

“Rachel Berry” she spat. 

Finn looked up in confusion, what did Kitty know about him and Rachel? Except for the fact that they arrived to work together most days, they had been lucky to keep their relationship fairly quiet. 

Kitty smiled victoriously when she saw the look in Finn eyes when she mentioned Rachel Berry. 

“I never forget a face Finn,” she pointed out. 

Finn remembered then the day that Rachel had showed up at his office when Kitty was trying to seduce him. 

“Rachel Berry is none of your business,” he told her matter of factly. 

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