Chapter 12

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"So Finn what do you do" asked Blaine

“I’m a lawyer, I run Hudson and Associates” Finn answered Blaine. 

Blaine nodded, he didn’t know the company but he had no doubt that it was probably a very respectable place. 

“Cool so you and Rachel must have a fair bit in common then” 

“Yeah” Finn smiled “we share a lot of interests as well” he added. 

Finn was a lawyer so he realised that Blaine's questioning was leading somewhere, he wasn’t sure where so he was being careful of what he said. 

“Cool” Blaine smiled. 

“So Rachel told me that her and Quinn broke up” Finn said. 

Blaine's face fell slightly he was surprised that Rachel told Finn about her and Quinn. Rachel had a tendency to keep her private life private, most people would call it hiding in the closet but Rachel was adamant that people didn’t need to know her business. 


“Yeah which is why I’m kind of surprised that she’s here” he said bluntly. 

“Oh well we’re all best friends but I think you’ll find that those two will be back together in no time. Quinn just needs to swallow her pride and apologise which is what I’m sure they’re doing now” Blaine smiled confidently. 

Finn however didn’t smile, could it be possible that after a night of having sex with him that she would reunite with her ex lover because that would be a complete blow to his pride. Sure they hadn’t talked about continuing what they had started between them the night before but Finn was pretty sure that Rachel wouldn’t be satisfied going back into a female relationship. 

“What were you doing with Finn?” Quinn frowned. 

“He took me out to lunch” she told her, Rachel didn’t see the point in lying but leaving a few of the details out didn’t hurt. 

“Oh” she said taking a seat on the desk. 

“Well I wanted to talk to you” Quinn told her getting back to the subject at hand, her and Rachel and getting back on track. 

Rachel pulled a nice red shirt out of her wardrobe which she thought Finn would like along with a slinky black skirt. She made her way to her underwear draw then and searched for a nice black set to go with her outfit. She wasn’t sure why she was paying so much attention to her outfit and picking things that she thought Finn would like and she didn’t have time to analyse it right now. 

“Rachel are you listening to me?” Quinn frowned annoyed that Rachel hadn’t even turned to look at her since she had started talking let alone respond to the conversation. 

Looking up “No not really” Rachel answered truthfully “I’m trying to get ready” she added before walking straight past Quinn and into the bathroom where she hoped she wouldn’t follow. 

Luck wasn’t working in her favour today though. 

“Rachel this is important” Quinn told her. 

“No Quinn it’s not” Rachel replied adjusting the water temperature. 

Quinn's mouth fell open in shock “we can talk later” she added “right now I want to take a quick shower” 

Rachel waited for Quinn to leave so she could get undressed, truth was Rachel was still pissed with Quinn. She knew she was trying to apologise but right now Rachel didn’t know if she wanted her to. The past 24 hours had been some kind of crazy wonderful for her and she wasn’t ready for the fairytale to end. Which meant she wasn’t ready to deal with Quinn or real life. 

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