Chapter 13

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The car was quiet on the drive back to Rachel's apartment. 

Finn was wondering what would happen when he pulled up and Rachel got out of his car, would he see her again, would she want to see him again? Or would she like Blaine had suggested get back with Quinn now that she had experienced heterosexual sex. 

Rachel was having similar feelings, she didn’t know how to broach the subject of seeing Finn again with Quinn and Blaine in the car or if he would even want to, maybe he wanted it to just be a one night thing and that was all. Also, she knew that she had to sit down and talk to Quinn. Avoiding the issue was not going to make it go away, it was easy to before because in reality Rachel didn’t really know what she wanted. Did she want to be with Quinn still or was it really over for her?. 

Quinn wondered if Rachel was actually going to talk to her when they got back to the apartment as well. Dinner was ok, Quinn couldn’t put her finger on it but there was something about Finn that she just didn’t like. It bothered her the way he had subtly touched Rachel all through dinner, everyone seemed oblivious to it though except her but she couldn’t shake the feeling that Finn felt more than friendly towards her Rachel. 

“Thanks for the ride and dinner, Finn ” Blaine smiled as he and Quinn got out of the car when Finn pulled up “It was nice meeting you” he added then. All in all Finn was a pretty cool guy he thought and he couldn’t see why him and Rachel had so much in common. 

“Yeah” Quinn threw in but Finn wasn’t fooled he knew that he hadn’t earned himself another fan, apparently Quinn Fabray was the one female in the world that was immune to his charms. 

“You too, maybe we’ll see each other again before you leave” he told Blaine, leaning over Rachel so he could see her. 

Rachel shivered at his close proximity “you smell good” she whispered surprising both of them. 

Finn looked at her and grinned “You too” 

Quinn and Blaine didn’t budge from their spot on the footpath as they waited for Rachel too follow suit and exit Finn's car, Rachel looked awkwardly between them and Finn, when she realised they weren’t going to budge she knew she would just have to say goodbye with them there. 

“So thanks for coming” she said with a shy smile. 

“My pleasure it was fun” he told her. 

Rachel nodded “I better let you go, you still have a twenty minute drive” 

“Yeah” he regretfully agreed, it was the one bad thing about living outside the city. 

“Ok well goodnight” she smiled. 

Rachel picked up her purse and was about to move out of the car when Finn's hand on her arm stopped her. 

“Can I call you?” he asked lowly. 

Rachel smiled “That would be nice” she told him and finally got out of the car. 

The ride in the elevator up to her apartment was quiet. Blaine was thinking about the interaction he had witnessed between his best friend and Finn and for the first time he actually had doubts that Rachel and Finn were just friends. He had tried to ignore the subtle and touches and looks they exchanged that screamed intimacy to him. 

Rachel let them into the apartment and placed her bag down “coffee?” she asked. 

Blaine nodded “Yeah but I’ll get it” he told Rachel. 

Rachel smiled at him in thanks but when he was gone she sighed she knew what Blaine was doing and she knew she should be thankful but she wasn’t. She was scared as hell about her conversation with Quinn. 

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