chapter 27

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It was exactly one on the dot when Rachel exited the elevator down stairs. Quinn waited by the front doors for Rachel to come out she had decided to enjoy the sunshine since she was a little early. 

“Hi” Rachel said happily as she moved to give Quinn a hug. 

“Hey” Quinn replied back as she hugged Rachel tightly. It felt like forever since they had been alone like this together and for the first time since their break up the touching Rachel didn’t feel like a sexual thing. 

“I’m so glad we’re doing this” Rachel confessed as they automatically just fell in step from years of practice as they walked along the busy New York streets. 

“Me too it’s good to catch up” she replied. 

“So there is this great little place around the corner that Finn told me about. You want to check it out?” Rachel suggested. 

Quinn smiled but not for the first time since she had met Finn Hudson she wondered who he really was to Rachel. “Sure” 

The place was fairly busy but to both Quinn and Rachel's delight they served a little of everything. If you wanted pasta, pizza, burgers or salad they catered for you. 

“This place is great” Quinn grinned as she looked over the menu. 

“It is isn’t it” she agreed. 

“So what’s been happening? How’s work?” Quinn asked. 

Rachel sighed, “to tell you the truth I’m kind of over it,” she admitted. 

“How so?” 

“I’ve sat back for the past three years Quinn and watched men that I work with who don’t put in half the amount of hours I do or bring in half the amount of money I do get promoted above me and I’ve copped it. But now they’re loading me up with twice the amount of work with out any reward. No pay rise, no promotion and they just expect me to do it” she huffed. 

“Maybe you should leave?” Quinn suggested. She never really understood Rachel's job or her desire to be at the top but the way she explained it didn’t sound like a good deal to Quinn at all especially if it meant that Rachel had to work even more hours that she was now. 

“Yeah maybe your right” Rachel agreed and Finn's previous offer to join Hudson's popped into her head. Rachel knew deep down that a month ago she probably wouldn’t have worried about the extra work but now every extra case she had take on meant less time that she had to spend with Quinn. 

“How about you? Anything knew?” Rachel enquired. 

Quinn hesitated before answering, “well actually I’ve been kind of mucking around with this band whose lead singer just had a baby,” she said. 

Rachel's face lit up in a smile “Your kidding” it had always been Quinn's dream to be a singer. She had the voice of an angel but was terrified of singing in front of crowds and so far had not been able to overcome it. 

“No and so far its going ok. I played a small gig with them and they said they’ll start me off with a few smaller ones before we move onto something a little bigger” she said. 

“Oh Quinn's that’s fantastic” Rachel squealed. 

“Yeah I’m so happy” she admitted to Rachel. 

“When are you playing next I want to come” she said. 

“Next weekend” Quinn informed her. 

“I’m there,” she said. 

Conversation ceased for a few minutes then as they both placed their order. 

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