Chapter 7

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It didn’t take that long to reach Finn's house since most of the traffic was already gone by that time. 

Rachel was shocked at how beautiful and big Finn's place was when he led her through it. “So this is it” he said gesturing around as he placed his keys, phone and wallet on the entryway table. 

“Wow, it’s amazing” she told him, trying to take in all the beautiful work he had done as well as the nice furnishings, she suspected he had help with those. 

“Yeah you can thank Isabel and my mum for that” he smiled sheepishly. 

“So does Puck live here too?” she asked him, she was curious as to whether they would be alone tonight. 

“No, he helped me do this and now he has bought his own place so I’m spending my weekends helping him” he explained. 

“Good plan” she told him. 

Reaching out Finn took her small hand and led her through the rest of the bottom level of the house. They stopped in the lounge room “Would you like a drink?” he asked. 

“Sure” she smiled, now that they were here she was a little nervous. Finn pulled of his jacket and threw it over the back of the lounge. “Wine?” he suggested. 

Rachel nodded enthusiastically she knew a good glass of wine would calm her nerves. 

Finn returned minutes later with an open bottle and two glasses and he poured them both a glass before taking a seat very close to her on the lounge. They sat quietly sipping their wine for a few minutes before their eyes locked. 

“Your absolutely gorgeous did you know that?” Finn whispered huskily. 

Rachel blushed “Thank you” she replied. 

Finn couldn’t hold himself back any longer and he leaned in to kiss her gently, he meant to pull back but the minute her tongue touched his lips he groaned and opened eagerly for her invasion. The kiss became passionate quickly as their tongues duelled against each other and Finn wanted to pull her closer. He pulled back only long enough to remove the wine glass from her hand and place them both on the coffee table before he pulled her against him. 

Rachel however had other ideas and when Finn pulled her tighter against him she lifted her leg and straddled his lap. 

Finn was surprised but very happy when Rachel settled herself against him, her dress rose high on her thighs giving him a very tempting view of her tanned skin. His hands ran up the sides of her body barely grazing the sides of her breasts and when Rachel moaned he was encouraged so he cupped her in his big hands. 

“Oh yes” she moaned when she felt his hands all over her, if it felt this good over the fabric of her dress and bra she couldn’t wait to feel him when she was naked. 

Finn moved his kisses to her neck and collarbone as his hands continued to caress her breasts but the feel of Rachel grinding herself against him was quickly sending him to the edge. 

“Lets move the tour upstairs” he whispered against her neck. 

“Uh huh” Rachel agreed. 

They both hopped to their feet and Finn not wanting to let go of Rachel any longer cupped her ass and lifted her up his body until he wrapped her lovely legs around his waist. 

“I can walk” she moaned as his hard cock came into contact with her wetness through their clothes. 

“I know” he said kissing her again as he headed towards the stairs “but I want to carry you” he told her. 

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