Chapter 21

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"Hmm that was wonderful" Rachel sighed collapsing on Finn's chest. They had just made love again except this time she rode his cock. Every time they made love she felt more confident, especially when Finn seemed to have no complaints with what she was doing to him. She loved hearing him moan her name in obvious pleasure and the he was attentive to her body made her feel so special

Finn chuckled as he ran a hand through her hair, he loved her feel of her silky strands running through his fingers and was surprised that it was just one of the many things he had missed "You can say that again."

Sitting back up Rachel looked down at him from where she was still straddling his body "what does all this mean?" she found herself asking him. Deep down she was hoping it mean that they were going to try having a relationship, whatever that entailed.

Finn gave her a small smile "it means that I'm through fighting you" he told her.

"Really?" she asked amused at his choice of words "I've hardly been chasing you around with a shot gun" she commented.

"I know that wasn't a good way to put it," he sighed. He could tell that she wasn't upset with what he said though. "I'm through fighting myself. I want to be with you," he admitted. When he had agreed to take Rachel out he had never dreamed for a second that it would lead to this. After everything had happened in college with Megan and Nick he never thought he would ever find someone that he could trust enough to want to try but something about Rachel and her innocence made her want to try.

Rachel's mouth began curving then into a brilliant smile "I want that too" she said.

Finn leaned up and caressed her mouth with his own then "So we're doing this?" she grinned when they broke apart.

"Yeah we are, but your going to have to be patient with me Rachel because I'm a little out of practice at this whole relationship thing" he warned her. It had been four years since he been involved with someone in more than a sexual way and he knew it was going to take him to time to adjust, to remember that there was someone else he needed to think about when he made decisions in his life.

Rachel giggled "and I'm such an expert?" Her only real relationship had been with Quinn and they had been best friends for most of their life so when they had gotten together romantically not very much had changed, except in the bedroom

"True I guess. But I want to do this right, so if I do something wrong just tell me" he requested.

"I will," she promised.

They took a nice hot shower together then before deciding to head over to Rachel's apartment. They had agreed to keep things between themselves for the time being until Rachel found an appropriate time to speak to Quinn and break the news to her. It wasn't because Rachel wanted to hide what she felt for Finn it was more about being considerate and sensitive to Quinn's feelings. They had only been broken up for a few weeks and as far as Quinn knew Finn was nothing more than a friend. Rachel thought if she gave Quinn some time to get used to Finn that she would be more excepting when Rachel informed her that they were dating.

"Hi" Isabel greeted when she opened the door to Blaine and Quinn.

"Hey" Blaine smiled leaning forward and hesitantly kissing her, it was a little awkward because he wasn't sure what was going on between them. For all he knew Isabel might have considered the night before a one time thing, he hoped not.

Isabel leaned into the kiss caressing his chest gently with her hand before smiling at Quinn "I hope you don't mind but I thought I could catch up with Rachel if she's here" Quinn explained her presence.

"It's fine, it's nice to see you again Quinn. She's not here right now but she should be back soon" she replied. The truth was she had no idea where Rachel was and when she should expect her home but she wanted Quinn to feel welcome.

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