Chapter 37

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Finn looked over at his girlfriend with a worried frown. He had stopped by earlier wanting to take her out to dinner and she had been quiet and sad, something that he had never experienced with her before. 

He reached across the table and took her hand and when Rachel felt his hand over her own she looked up at him and offered him a smile. However, it didn’t reach her eyes and Finn knew she was trying to put on a happy front for him and he wanted her to know that she didn’t have to. 

“Let’s go for a walk,” he suggested. 

“Um ok” Rachel agreed. 

Once they stepped outside Finn wrapped his arm around her and pulled her tightly against his side as he walked. They must have walked a few blocks before the silence became too much. 

“Do you want to talk about it?” he said. 

“Huh?” Rachel asked surprised. 

Finn stopped and framed her face with his hands “I know something is bothering you and I’m here when you’re ready to talk about it” he told her softly before leaning and kissing her lovingly. 

Rachel felt tears spring to her eyes then. How did she ever find someone so amazing “thank you” she whispered. Rachel did desperately want to talk to him, since Quinn's confession a few nights earlier Rachel had wanted to talk to someone, anyone about it but she didn’t think Quinn would like her sharing a secret that she had kept so tightly for the past 18 years. Rachel felt so guilty. Guilty because she hadn’t known that something was going on especially when Quinn was supposed to be her best friend, that she couldn’t do something to stop it. But mostly she felt guilty now because she couldn’t make it better. 

All she had been able to do the other night is stay with Quinn while she cried, and cry with her. Nothing she said or did was ever going to be able to take the pain away but it did make things a lot clearer for her. Now she understood why Quinn was so scared of men. For years Rachel had thought it was because of the way her father had walked out on her life and never looked back. 

“So you finish up at work on Friday” he said then “are you doing anything special?” he wondered. 

Rachel smiled for the first time that night; she was looking forward to finishing up at work. Since she had put in her resignation it hadn’t been the happiest place for her to work. So far she hadn’t accepted Finn's offer to work at Hudson and Associates but she planned on it. It was a good contract for her first year and she was excited about going to work with Finn. 
“They’re taking me out to lunch” she said. 

Finn nodded “well at least that’s something” he commented. 

Rachel chuckled “I think that the only reason they’re doing that is because they know I haven’t started somewhere else yet” 

“Ah” he smirked, she was probably right. They would have enough connections that they would be able to find out who had hired Rachel, but since her contract negotiations at Hudson's were a secret they wouldn’t have heard anything about them. 

“Yeah and about that” he started. 

“I’m accepting” Rachel quickly told him. 

“You are?” he said hopefully. Although Rachel was an excellent lawyer and he was sure that she would make the firm a lot of money he was excited about the prospect of working with her, having her close by. He had already started making arrangements to have an office built next door to his, with an internal door. 

“Yeah I am” she smiled. 

They started walking back towards where the car was parked after that and once there Finn helped Rachel in before they headed back to her apartment. 

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