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Love at first sight by Reyna_023
Love at first sightby Reyna_023
A story on how Finn and Rachel first saw each other for the first time ❤️
Unexpected match by finchelstories
Unexpected matchby Finchel
Rachel Berry, she's head Cheerio and the school's sweetheart. Finn Hudson, he's the school's bad boy and sleeps around. Rachel berry's twin brother: Noah puckerman happ...
Twins by 0cecilia
Twinsby cecilia
Rachel and Puck are twins. They got apart when they were 11 because Hiram took Rachel to Los Angeles with him after divorcing and Leroy stayed at Lima with Noah. What if...
The Transfer: A Glee Fanfiction by Whatever_Our_Souls
The Transfer: A Glee Fanfictionby Whatever_Our_Souls
Since Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy, Rachel's life has been miserable. She misses her friend, the only one who understood how she felt when bullies called her names...
you belong with me  by GabriellaHerman
you belong with me by Gabbydaniella Herman
Rachel, Finn, and Puck were best friends from the beginning, at least until Rachel had to move half way across the country. When Rachel suddenly moves back four years la...
Brown Eyes by NatalieMccarthy1982
Brown Eyesby Natalie Mccarthy
After losing her mom and not knowing who her dad is 17 year old Rachel Berry is dealing with a lot. After her boyfriend Finn breaks up with her for the head cheerio Rac...
The Choice I Regret by shininggoldstar
The Choice I Regretby shininggoldstar
Finn and Rachel are meant to be, but when Finn is married to someone else and Rachel is playing hard to get, will these love birds ever find their way through and become...
Make You Feel My Love (GLEE FF)  by yettialyssa2703
Make You Feel My Love (GLEE FF) by Yettialyssa
First book in the "Make You Feel My Love" Series 2 years with the newly formed Glee Club back. "Losers", "Jocks", "Cheerios", &qu...
Camp Finchel by onceuponagleegames
Camp Finchelby Emmy✝
Finn is a marine who lives in LA he hasn't kept in touch with any of the old glee members. Except Puck. And Puck is planning to get the club back together at his grand...
Still Not Quite over you  by GabriellaHerman
Still Not Quite over you by Gabbydaniella Herman
Rachel Berry flies back to Lima, Ohio to get married but not to Finn, to Jessie St. James, although she isn't quite over Finn. Finn Hudson is stuck in Lima and he's stil...
Finding our happy ending {finchel fan fic} by FirstFinchel
Finding our happy ending { FirstFinchel
{COMPLETED} Finn and Rachel have been trying to find their happy ending since high school. Will they find it??
Best Friends In Love (A Finchel Love Story) by RyleyBridges
Best Friends In Love (A Finchel [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson were childhood best friends who made a deal to marry each other if they didn't marry by the time they were 25. They're now both 24 and they...
My Suck Life by 0cecilia
My Suck Lifeby cecilia
Rachel Berry is a student at McKinley, but she hates. Her life is the worst, she gets bullied everyday, everyone is always talking shit to her and slushing her face. Wil...
Star Boy by 0cecilia
Star Boyby cecilia
Finn Hudson, Hollywood's teenager star. What will happen when he decided to spend his Senior Year on his hometown, Lima?
I Always Knew by riveragron
I Always Knewby riveragron
Finn and Rachel are the top dogs at McKinley High. They're best friends. She's head cheerleader, he's quarterback. They've always sworn to not get feelings for each oth...
Best Fake Relationship Ever by LC1DoctorWhoFan
Best Fake Relationship Everby Steffanie
What happens if a dare with a friend leads you to the person you were meant to spend your entire life with?
I'm Forever Yours, Faithfully (Finchel) by MariahSarate
I'm Forever Yours, Faithfully ( Mariah Sarate
The story begins at the infamous train station. Will Finn set Rachel free? How will their lives play out? Together or apart? Read and you will find out.
Finchel / The Happy Accidents by Bridget1802
Finchel / The Happy Accidentsby Bridget1802
Rachel and Finn haven't seen each other for almost six years. And they're having their first glee reunion since the graduated. But what Finn doesn't know is that that ni...
My Dream Come True by GabriellaHerman
My Dream Come Trueby Gabbydaniella Herman
Rachel Berry has been In love with Finn Hudson since day 1 but he never even noticed her, what if he finally does ?
Pretending by bieberslovato
Pretendingby bieberslovato
Most people simply fall in love without having to deal with any obstacles but that's not how it works with Rachel. Due to her past, she denies every opportunity to be wi...