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The Transfer: A Glee Fanfiction by Whatever_Our_Souls
The Transfer: A Glee Fanfictionby Whatever_Our_Souls
Since Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy, Rachel's life has been miserable. She misses her friend, the only one who understood how she felt when bullies called her names...
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Happy Endings  by monchele57
Happy Endings by Alexis Granado
"I'm breaking up with you" he said "Why"?She said "Because I'd never stopped loving Quinn" said Finn "Your an asshole" said Rac...
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It's you and me by Sophistical_
It's you and meby Sophistical_
A Monchele Story
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damaged because of you  by GabriellaHerman
damaged because of you by Gabbydaniella Herman
They were suppose to be each other's forever, have kids, be happy have a white picket fence and go the whole 9 yards but that didn't happen. If someone told you that Fin...
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It wasn't supposed to be this way by wannabestoryteller01
It wasn't supposed to be this wayby wannabestoryteller01
Rachel Berry is a senior in high school just trying to make it out of high school and be somebody, but finds herself in a predicament involving Lima high schools very ow...
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Coach's Little Girlfriend: (#1 Little Series) *EDITING* by charmanderxx
Coach's Little Girlfriend: (#1 charmanderxx
She was in a commitment with this freakishly tall handsome guy with amber eyes. But one problem, he is the football coach. *WARNING: 18+ *
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Always Been You by Gleekymonchele
Always Been Youby 🥀🌙
". . .she explained to me that she always knew that I loved you. That you always played a role with me, that you would always be in the back of my mind. That I woul...
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Roots Before Branches by 0cecilia
Roots Before Branchesby cecilia
Rachel Berry left Lima without looking back and that happened 8 years ago. And things changed a lot. Now Rachel is the most successful singer in the world but between ca...
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Finchel & Monchele One Shots by bieberslovato
Finchel & Monchele One Shotsby bieberslovato
monchele/finchel one shots that don't follow any specific order (timeline wise) and is all completely made up, besides the monchele ones since some of them are based on...
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My Loving Affair  by alexisgranado89
My Loving Affair by alexisgranado89
Finn works at his step-father's workshop and Rachel's is his little helper. His wife Quinn Fabray is at home baby sitting her and Puck's daughter. One night the guys bri...
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Just Perfect by Gleekymonchele
Just Perfectby 🥀🌙
In the future, you don't get to choose who to marry and spend the rest of your life with. The government chooses it for you. You get your pair by the same taste in thin...
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it's always been you  by GabriellaHerman
it's always been you by Gabbydaniella Herman
Graduation is fast approaching and amicable exes Finn and Rachel are content to go their separate ways, until a moment of passion changes everything.
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Supergirl: Past and Present by shipeverything08
Supergirl: Past and Presentby shipeverything08
Who is she? Is she Kara Danvers, Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, or Marley Rose? Truth is: She's all of them. • • • An alien breaks loose from DEO custody and sends Kara, Team...
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Its always been us (Puckleberry) by TerriNichols
Its always been us (Puckleberry)by Terri Nichols
What happens when Rachel realizes that her and Finn don't belong. when she realizes that her and Puck are endgame. Read to find out. I'm new to this so comments and...
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The New New Directions Season 1 by TheNewNewDirections
The New New Directions Season 1by Future of Glee
In the year 2037, 20 years past the time, The New Directions were first introduced into the show choir world, the club now finds itself full of the original band's kids...
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Glee Texts by klaine_is_bae121
Glee Textsby Klaine4life
Just a collection of text messages from one glee character to another. (Ships include Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, Samcades and Quick) New Chapters Every Saturday!
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My Dream Come True by GabriellaHerman
My Dream Come Trueby Gabbydaniella Herman
Rachel Berry has been In love with Finn Hudson since day 1 but he never even noticed her, what if he finally does ?
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Under the mask  by downbeatDylan
Under the mask by ✯ Nic ✯
He's a murderer, yes that's right a murderer that has never been caught. He hunts down his victims at night and kidnaps them, then kills them. But will one night that he...
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cough syrup || blaine anderson by awkotters
cough syrup || blaine andersonby awkotters
in which a girl experiences first love all while trying to maintain her social status, trying to get more solos and dance breaks, maintaining a perfect gpa, and living w...
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Halo by monchele29
Haloby monchele29
This story is about Rachel Steven's and how she got be head cheerleader of Louisville Kentucky.
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