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damaged because of you  by GabriellaHerman
damaged because of you by Gabbydaniella Herman
They were suppose to be each other's forever, have kids, be happy have a white picket fence and go the whole 9 yards but that didn't happen. If someone told you that Fin...
Doctors by 0cecilia
Doctorsby cecilia
Lea Michele is the new surgeon in town. She met Dr.Monteith and they don't get along that well, until a night that both get drunk and end up in bed. What will happen nex...
Believe by haydenr389
Believeby haydenr389
this stories is about rachel who find out that she had cancer will she survive or will she not
Glee Texts by klaine_is_bae121
Glee Textsby Klaine4life
Just a collection of text messages from one glee character to another. (Ships include Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, Samcades and Quick) New Chapters Every Saturday!
Rescue Me by NatalieMccarthy1982
Rescue Meby Natalie Mccarthy
When Rachel Berry was 12 she was kidnapped . Now 5 years later Rachel is back home with her friends and family . Will Rachel be able to go back to her old life even thou...
Prom Drama Queen by queenmal4life
Prom Drama Queenby Steph
*This is another alternate reality set before Finn's death (timeline of season 2 "Prom Queen")* Ever since Regionals and hearing Rachel sing her original song...
Abusive by 0cecilia
Abusiveby cecilia
Rachel Berry is 16 and is in the sophomore year of High School, she dates Jesse St.James but he is an abusive boyfriend. What will happen when the story comes out and Je...
Slushied by the love of my life a finchel FF by gleek_4874
Slushied by the love of my life UnicornStar
It's Rachel Berry's first day in school at Mckinley High with her brother Noah/Puck Berry. And on the first day of school she gets slushied by the love of her life...
It Take Time Season 2 by haydenr389
It Take Time Season 2by haydenr389
is going to be continued from season 1
my love by 0cecilia
my loveby cecilia
Rachel Berry is the typical popular girl, with the trophy Quarterback boyfriend. But one day she meets the bad boy that turns her life upside down making her experience...
Finchel:Restrained Love by FinchelMonchelelover
Finchel:Restrained Loveby FinchelMonchelelover
Finn Hudson is the new math teacher at McKinley High School. He is looking for the"one". Rachel Berry is a student at McKinley. She is determined to make it to...
Spring has Sprung by the_finchel_feels
Spring has Sprungby joc :)
*first story* This story takes place during season 2 spring break, while Finn is with Quinn. What if the glee club takes a fun little trip to Mercedes' lake house? How...
Our little secret  by downbeatDylan
Our little secret by ✯ Nic ✯
Rachel berry walks into school with her friends only to find out that she has a new history teacher called Mr.Hudson. He's absolutely gorgeous and pretty much every girl...
Some Girls  by GabriellaHerman
Some Girls by Gabbydaniella Herman
Rachel and Quinn are best friends and lovers. Rachel is curious about sex with a man though so she asks her roommate Isabel to set her up with a man. NOT A FABERRY STORY...
You're the best mistake I've ever made (On Hold) by mmmkariana
You're the best mistake I've mmmkariana
17 year old Rachel Berry is the biggest loser in the school.She has nobody even her ex boyfriend Finn broke up with her because of his reputation. Now he's with the scho...
Quickly In Love by 0cecilia
Quickly In Loveby cecilia
Finn needs a favor and Rachel is the only person that can help him. Falling in love was never a part of the plan but it just happened...But some people didn't enjoy that...
Can you heal my heart? by downbeatDylan
Can you heal my heart?by ✯ Nic ✯
Finn Hudson.... well he had enough of getting bullied, he was sick of getting slushied and getting pushed into lockers, he had enough... he was going to commit suicide...
Second Chances  by GabriellaHerman
Second Chances by Gabbydaniella Herman
She spent 5 years crying over him, 5 years missing him, 5 years loving him, 5 years mourning him, and 5 years finally learning to move on. Finn Hudson died 5 years ago...