Chapter 40

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Rachel had to admit to herself as she stood in the elevator at Hudson and Associates that she was as nervous as hell. Even though she knew that on the other side of the doors, once she reached the twentieth floor, Finn would be waiting for her she still felt a little sick to her stomach. 

Today was her first day at Hudson. Last night over a romantic dinner Finn had talked her through what would happen. It was fairly simple and easy but she still felt anxious. She wondered what everyone would think of her and if they would all know that she was sleeping with Finn from one look at her. 

“Can I help you?” a preppy young red head asked as she stepped out of the lift. 

“Good morning” Rachel smiled back trying to paint a picture of confidence “I’m Rachel Berry and I’m starting here today” she told her. 

“Rachel” Finn called out when he saw her. 

Rachel turned and smiled at him, he looked so good in his suit, as good as he this morning as they got ready for work together. 

“Rachel this is Sandra” he introduced. “Sandra, Rachel is the newest member of our team, she will be heading up the new department,” he informed her. 

“Pleased to meet you” she smiled. 

With his hand on her lower back Finn guided Rachel towards his office then, and once inside shut the door. 

“Hey” he grinned leaning against his desk. 

“Hey” she smiled back. 

“Ok let’s get to it” he grinned then. 

He handed her an envelope then. “In there is all your security access for the building. A key to your office and just some information about the firm” he informed her. 

“Thank you” she smiled. Having the keys and everything in her hands made everything seem that little bit more real. 

“I’ll show you to your office, there’s a brand new lap top there for you so if you want to spend the morning getting everything organized I’ve cleared my schedule so we can spend the afternoon going over some potential cases and to talk about hiring you an assistant” 

“Great” Rachel smiled and stood up. 

Finn walked forward and wrapped an arm around her waist then and pulled her against him “You seem nervous baby?” he smiled. He was a little amused that Rachel seemed slightly intimidated by him and he had to remind himself that she wasn’t used to him in the work environment. 

Rachel chuckled “I was” 

“You’re feeling better now?” he whispered huskily as he leaned down towards her mouth until he only a breath away. 

“Um I’m certainly getting there,” she whispered back. 

Finn pressed his lips against hers gently for a brief second before pulling away. He would have liked the kiss to be a lot more but he knew it wasn’t really appropriate for the office. “You look gorgeous today,” he informed her. “I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get any work done knowing that you’re next door” 

“Next door?” she asked in surprise. 

“Uh huh” he grinned. The room that Finn had converted to Rachel's new office had previously been a second meeting room that Finn's father had used. Finn very rarely used it and had thought with its magnificent views that it would be the perfect office for Rachel. It helped that it was so close to his and there was already an internal door. 

“Let me show you” he offered then. 

They both composed themselves and took a step apart as they exited his office and walked the few meters to Rachel's. 

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