Chapter 4

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Rachel looked at the mirror and frowned. Yesterday when she had bought the red halter dress she thought it was perfect but tonight she was re-considering. She had rushed in the door later than she had planned and had been getting ready for the past hour with the help of Isabel. 

Isabel had helped her curl her hair and do her makeup and now she was finishing up the last touches to the outfit, a pair of black strappy shoes. 

“Are you sure I look okay?” she asked Isabel, she didn’t know Finn so she wasn’t sure that he was going to like her outfit. She was positive he would like what was underneath if she got that far. At this rate she would just be happy if he agreed to take her out of the apartment. 

“Stop worrying you look perfect” Isabel assured her. 

Rachel was adding some jewelry and perfume when the doorbell rang. 

“I’ll get it” she smiled at Rachel “wait a couple of minutes and come down, walk slowly on the stairs you need to make an entrance” she told her. 

Rachel nodded trying to absorb all the information that she had been given by Isabel, she had dated a few guys in high school but it had been nothing much so she didn’t really know that much about the whole dating scene. Isabel made it seem so easy but the pointers made it seem so hard. 

Isabel smiled when she saw how handsome her brother looked. He had on a black suit with a black dress shirt underneath and he was holding a bunch of roses in his hand. She was glad that he had gone to trouble for the date. 

“Hey” she leaned in and kissed his cheek. 

“Hey” he smiled, for some stupid reason Finn was nervous. He guessed it was because he knew Rachel was technically a virgin and that she was trusting him to show her the way even though she didn’t know him. 

“She’ll be down in a second” Isabel told him. 

As per instructions Rachel made her way slowly down the stairs a minute later. Her bag was in one hand and a sheer shawl in the other she had almost made it to the bottom step when she looked up and saw Finn. 

OH MY GOD she thought to herself, he was absolutely gorgeous, no he was more than gorgeous he was a god. She had seen pictures of him over the years but none of them did justice to the hunk of a man that was standing at the bottom of the stairs. The suit he was wearing fit his body snugly and showed off that fact that underneath there would be a killer body. One Rachel all of a sudden couldn’t wait to discover. 

Finn was having similar thoughts to Rachel as he watched her descend the stairs. Her body swayed sexily as she walked down the stairs, her tight dress showing off her rounded hips and nice sized breasts. Her legs were long and tanned and the short dress gave him a tantalizing view. Oh my god, I cant believe a beauty like that is a virgin and I’m going to get to take her to bed he thought. 

“Rachel this is my brother Finn, Finn this is Rachel Berry” Isabel introduced, she was secretly high fiving herself when she saw the looks Rachel and Finn were giving each other. 

Finn cleared his throat and tried to pull himself together so he raised his eyes to Rachel's face but that was a big mistake. He literally gasped when he caught sight of her beautiful features, her gorgeous brown hair and a pair of gorgeous brown eyes that he could get lost in. 

“Hi” Rachel said quietly and shyly. 

Finn stood staring at Rachel with his mouth open and it took Isabel to elbow him in the side to realise that Rachel had spoken to him. 

“Oh I’m sorry” he shook his head and smiled “Hi Rachel it’s a pleasure to meet you” he said. 

“You too” Rachel smiled back. 

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