Chapter 51

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“You look gorgeous” Finn whispered as he helped Rachel put on the diamond necklace he had bought her for Christmas. It was the first of many diamonds to come, but it looked beautiful. 

It was New Years Eve and the group of friends was all getting together to bring in the New Year, and for the first time they would all be together as couples. 

Puck and Quinn had been on several dates now and their relationship was progressing nicely. Quinn had confided in Rachel that Puck was the most amazing person she had ever met, and that she was the happiest she had ever remembered being. It was obvious that it was true. 

Isabel and Blaine were both still glowing from their recent engagement. The Andersons had welcome Isabel into their family with open arms and Isabel was so excited about becoming Mrs. Blaine Anderson that she had already set a wedding date. February 14th. 

“Are you feeling better?” Finn asked Rachel. 

“Yeah” she smiled. For the past week she had been tired and queasy. Rachel knew that Finn was just concerned about her but she knew it was just a virus that would pass. Work has been particularly busy since Thanksgiving and she thought she probably just needed a break. 

“Good” he smiled they were going to have a wonderful night and he didn’t want anything to ruin it for Rachel. 

“This is beautiful Finn” Quinn commented as she looked over the boat. 

Finn's friend had let him use the boat again that he had taken Rachel on the night he confessed his love for her. Him and his wife were going to be overseas for the holidays so the boat wouldn’t be used. 

“Yeah this is awesome” Blaine added. 

They were cruising slowly around the harbor, which was lit up for the New Years festivities. There would be fireworks later and they would have a wonderful view of them. 

“It was too good to refuse” he smiled back. He noticed that Rachel wasn’t drinking then and he frowned a little. 

“Do you want a drink?” he asked. 

“No I’m fine” she smiled back. “Just not in the mood for it at the moment, maybe after dinner” she replied. 

Finn nodded and helped her into her seat so that dinner could be served. They were eating on the deck despite the extremely cold weather; a gas burner was doing its best to keep them warm. 

They sat and laughed for hours, drinking and telling funny stores about each other. They all had stories about each other when they were younger and it was fun to listen to them. 

“So who has a New Years resolution?” Rachel asked then. It was nearing midnight and she thought it was good time to say something. “We should all have a toast and tell each other what we wish for the New Year,” she suggested. 

“That sounds good and I’ll go first” Isabel replied. 

“I want to toast to friendship” she smiled at everyone “2018 has been a wonderful year for it.” 

“To friendship” everyone agreed. 

“I wish for a happy 2019 and a sunny day when I marry Blaine” she added. 

“I’ll go next” Blaine cleared his throat. “I want to toast to love” he smiled; he turned to look Isabel in the eye then. 

“I hope that the life I’ve made in New York will continue to be as wonderful in 2019 as it is today” 

“I guess it’s my turn” Quinn smiled then. “I want to toast to new beginnings,” she told them all. 

“And I just wish for 2019 to be a year of healing” 

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