Chapter 42

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“Dinner was nice” Finn said as he climbed into bed beside Rachel. 

They six of them had a great time that night at dinner as they drank, ate and celebrated Blaine's new job, but at the same time it wasn’t just celebrating the job it was about welcoming Blaine to New York and into their fold. Because to Rachel and Finn that’s what it felt like they were now. A group, a fold, but it was the six of them. All brought together for different reasons but together all the same. 

Rachel rolled over and laid her head against Finn's chest “Yeah” she replied. 

Finn looked down at her in concern. She had been quiet ever since dinner and he was wondering what was on her mind. He knew that it had been the first time since she had seen Quinn since the confession, but the two of them had seemed fine. Rachel hadn’t brought it up at dinner and the two had talked quietly and laughed together. 

They were both surprised when Quinn had turned up with Puck and secretly hopefully that something was happening between their two friends after all. 

“Hey” he said lifting her chin up so he could see her eyes “you ok?” he asked. 

Rachel bit her bottom lip and nodded “Yeah” she said. To tell you the truth she was fine. In fact she was better then fine she just had a few things on her mind and the need to get it off her chest was beginning to become too much. 

“You’re not having seconds thoughts about work are you?” he asked worried. Finn wanted Rachel to be happy, although he would be very disappointed if she decided not to stay on at Hudson's he would deal with it if it were what she truly wanted. 

Rachel smiled “No not at all. In fact have I thanked you yet for all the trouble you’ve gone to, to make me feel welcome?” she asked as she leaned up and brushed her lips against his gently. 

“I don’t believe you have,” he whispered back huskily as he rolled them until Rachel was on top. 

“Thanks for the ride” Quinn said nervously as Puck pulled his car up out the front of her apartment. She knew that it was out of his way but he had insisted on bringing her home. 

“No thank you for inviting me. I had a great time,” Puck replied. 

“Me too,” Quinn nodded. 

“Good,” he whispered. “So maybe we could do it again sometime?” 

Quinn took a deep breath. Over the past week she had done nothing but think about her life and the things in it that she had no control over. There was a lot in her life that she needed to sort out and confront and she didn’t know if she was really ready to start something that she had no idea if she would be capable of finishing. It didn’t seem fair to Puck to lead him on, as much as she would like to. 

“I would like that,” she started “but I don’t think it’s a good idea,” she finished. 

Puck sighed. He thought he had made progress with Quinn but ever step forward was like two steps back. 

“I have some things going on in my life,” Quinn started to explain. She believed that she at least owed him some type of explanation for her actions and behavior, even thought she had tried not too she knew she was sent him mixed signals. 

“Things that I have tried to bury and forget but they don’t want to stay buried any longer,” she admitted. “I need to deal with those things” 

“I could help” Puck offered which surprised her. 

“I don’t think you could,” she said sadly. Boy did she wish he could help her. “As much as I would like for you to be able to this is something that I need to deal with myself. Some things happened to me in the past, and even though it’s not an excuse, it’s probably why I’ve treated you and other men in my life the way I have” 

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