Chapter 3

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Isabel smiled as she walked around her office while listening to the phone ringing on speaker phone. 


“Hey there” she purred. 

“God Isabel do you have to do that, it’s so gross” 

Isabel laughed “Sorry, just trying to come off as one of your bimbos” 

“Yeah well you’ve got it down except for the fact you’re my sister” he replied. 

“Oh Finn where’s the love?” she laughed again. 

“I’ll show you the love” he groaned. 

“Oh come on” 

“so what’s up big sis?” he asked. 

“Oh you know the usual, Mum is complaining that you never visit but then what’s new?” she replied “oh but I have a favour to ask” 

“Should have known” Finn sighed. 

“Oh you’ll like this one, a lot” she told him. 

“What is it?” he asked suspicious. 

“Well I have a friend and I want you to have sex with her” she said as though it was no big deal. 

“What!” Finn gasped. 

“I said…….” 

“I heard you the first time Isabel but what I wondering is what the hell your on. I’m not a prostitute you know” 

Isabel snorted “Could have fooled me” 

“I’m not, in fact I’m a very successful lawyer” Finn replied. 

“Yeah Yeah, look Finn my friend needs a nice guy to take her out for the night, seduce her and take her to bed for the best fuck of her life” 

“and you called me because?” 

“Because one night stands are your thing and I think Rachel would like and feel comfortable with you” she replied. 

“Wait, wait a sec did you say Rachel? As in your roommate who eats pussy, Rachel?” he asked confused. 

“Yes that Rachel ” Isabel sighed, why had she thought calling her brother was a good idea again?. 

“Ok back up, since when does your lesbian roommate ride cock?” 

Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry had never met exactly. Finn had heard all about her from his sister and begged his sister to introduce him to Rachel and her lover Quinn in hopes that he could get in on some threesome action but so far Isabel wasn’t coming to the party, until today. 

“Finn! look she doesn’t exactly yet, but she wants to which is why I’m calling you” Isabel said exasperated. 

Finn thought about what his sister was saying, was it possible his sister was setting him up with no strings attached sex? And could this be a foot in the door for some threesome action after all?. 

“Well if she wants sex why doesn’t she go out and just pick up?” 

“God Finn she’s never had a boyfriend before she has no idea how to pick up” 

“She’s ugly isn’t she?” Finn groaned then. 

“God you are not my brother” Isabel groaned “No Finn she’s actually beautiful just a little shy and quiet” 

“what about her girlfriend?” he finally asked. The last thing he wanted was a butch lover on the war path. 

“they’re on a break” Isabel said as an explanation. Quinn still hadn’t returned any of Rachel's calls and although Rachel was willing to ring her she was too stubborn to go see her. After all Quinn was the one who wanted to end it she had had no choice in it.

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