Chapter 23

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Rachel yawns and stretches when the wakes the next morning. 

“Ouch” the voice beside her laughs. 

Shocked and totally embarrassed Rachel turns on her side and finds Finn grinning at her and rubbing his nose where she whacked him with her arms. 

“Morning” she smiles shyly. She had completely forgotten about the Greek god that was sharing her bed with her. 

Leaning in Finn kisses her shyness away softly, running his tongue along her bottom lip until she opens for his invasion. 

Sliding a hand under the sheet he cups a breast softly and caresses it his hand until Rachel is moaning into his mouth. 

“Good morning to you too beautiful” he whispers when he pulls back. 

Rachel's lips are red from his kisses and her eyes are half closed, clouded with desire as she pulls him back to her and fuses their mouths back together. One taste of him has her wanting and needing more and he doesn’t deny her as he kisses her back passionately. 

Finn pulls her body to him rubbing his hard cock against her leg; Rachel pulls back from him until she can straddle his body. “You are so sexy” she tells him as she reaches for his cock and strokes it in her hand. “I like the way you look in my bed in the morning” 

Finn smirks “I like the way you look on top of me” he whispers huskily as he helps Rachel rise high enough so she can sink down on him. 

“Yes” he moans in satisfaction when he is buried deep inside of her. 

Rachel begins rocking slowly against him her heard thrown back as Finn sucks on her tits, teasing her nipples until they’re hard and then scraping his teeth against them. 

“Oh fuck Finn,” she moans. Sometimes she can’t get over the things he does to her and the way he makes her feel. Her entire body is humming with arousal. 

“You like that baby?” 

“Uh huh” she replies bucking against him harder. 

“Oh yes” Finn moans. 

“You like that?” she smirks. 

“Yes but I want to you fuck me harder Rachel, ride me” he demands. 

Rachel digs her knees into the bed and begins lifting up and down him as fast as she can go, taking his big cock inside of her tight pussy over and over again. 

“Oh fuck Finn you feel so good, your cock is so big” she moans. 

“Oh yes baby harder” Finn pleads his hands now on her hips assisting her movements “Your so wet and tight Rachel I love it” he moans. 

He reaches down and thumbs her clit then until Rachel is thrusting against him wildly and calling out his name in bliss. He follows seconds later when her tight walls clamp down on his cock like a vise and milk him of his orgasm. 

“Hmm good morning” Rachel sighs as she collapses contently against his chest. 

“That’s for sure” Finn replies nuzzling his nose against her hair and enjoying the strawberry scent that greets him. She always smells and tastes so good he thinks to himself. 

“What time is it?” he asks. 
Arching her neck to see the clock Rachel responds “eight” 

Finn sighs regretfully “I should get up. I promised Puck I would work on the house with him this weekend, we’ve been slacking off a little lately” 

Rachel looks up and smiles back at him “that’s ok” she replies before kissing him softly “I’ll have some girl time with Isabel and maybe do something shopping” 

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